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save water

We have never been spending more time at home than during these unprecedented times, and now that school is out and the sun is shining, thoughts turn to paddling pools, sprinklers, water balloon fights and more. But with a record dry spring, everyone spending more time at home thanks to lockdown and plenty of sunshine around – our demand for water has gone through the roof. Did you also know that here in the South East, our need to save water is perhaps even greater because we receive 50 per cent less rainfall than the rest of the UK?

The fact is, that we are lucky enough to be in a situation where we can largely take water for granted. That said, nobody wants one of those summers where we have to comply with a hosepipe ban, so if we can all save a little on water, then together we can save a lot.

That’s why I’ve teamed up with SES Water – UK water supply company to the South East – to share some ideas on how we can all save water every day – and take some of the pressure off.

Turn off the tap

…when brushing your teeth or shaving. This saves up to six litres every minute!

Skip the bath

We all love soaking in the bath, but during this time, if you take a four-minute shower rather than filling up the bath you’ll be saving a significant amount of water because a bath uses around 100 litres of water! If you really do have to take a bath be sure to also share it with other people in your household.

Load it up!

Make sure washing machines and dishwashers run on a full load as half load settings use more than half the amount of water and energy.

Scrape not rinse

You don’t need to rinse dishes before they go in the dishwasher – simply scrape food into the bin which keeps sewers clear too.

Use a watering can

Hosepipes and sprinklers use a huge amount of water – around 1,000 litres an hour – so instead, water your plants with a watering can. Do this either early in the morning or during the evening when it is cooler and there is less chance of water evaporating to make your watering more efficient.

Recycle clothes

Not only will you have less laundry if you wear your clothes more than once before washing them, but you’ll be using less water by washing less often. Just be sure they pass the sniff test!

Make it double duty

This is my personal favourite! If you do treat the kids to a paddling pool, keep it up for the rest of the week and use it to fill up your watering can to water the plants with.

If it’s yellow

We have an unspoken rule in this house…if it’s yellow – let it mellow. Flushing only when you do a number two reduces the number of times you have to flush and the water used to do so.

Skip the car wash

….until it’s totally unbearable, and then when you do wash it, use a bucket and sponge as opposed to a jetwash.

save water

More information

You can find more water-saving tips and advice by visiting If you are an SES Water Customer, why not check the company’s ‘GetWaterFit’ platform, which allows customers to order a whole range of free water saving products and get rewards for their actions.

It also provides a calculator which allows you to see how much water you use, how much money you could save and whether you and your family could be better off on a meter. Did you know that water meters are widely accepted as the fairest way of charging for water? SES plans to meter most homes over the next few years, along with other companies in the southeast to help to reduce water consumption).

Through using GetWaterFit you can also book a free online water efficiency check to get advice on water-saving devices and help with identifying any leaks in your home – all without the technician needing to enter your property (you can find more information about these checks here).

As I mentioned earlier, we can all do our bit to save water this summer. If we all just take on a few of the above, together we can make a big difference.

Which of the above water saving methods do you already use, or perhaps you have some others to add – please let me know in the comment section below.



  1. I try to always reuse the kiddie pool water to water my flowers. We are usually in a drought by now but this year it has rained a lot.

  2. My husband never waters if it is going to rain but saving water in the house is so important. I never take baths and washing fast in the shower makes so much sense.

  3. I also wrote some water saving tips a while ago and that reminded me to get better at conserving. I try to tell my kids to not let the water run when doing dishes. Fill the sink instead because it is wasteful otherwise. Anyways, let it mellow is not one I can wrap my head around because that smell of pee is gross. Totally understand why that makes sense for some though.

  4. I don’t even remember the last time we washed the car which is crazy! We haven’t driven much lately though.

  5. These are great tips. Where we live it’s important to try and conserve water, especially this time of year.

  6. I do a lot of these myself. I like to try to save water whenever I can. That and I recycle a lot as well. I’m all about saving the environment when I can.

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