Twin to win: awesome mummy and me tops from InkRocket + win a set!

In case you have been living under a rock of late, there has been a bit of a “thing” going down in the land of style and motherhood….matching mummy and me tops. But no, I’m not talking frilly fro froo princess tops of the kind you could imagine Katie Price sporting (god help us all!), I’m talking about seriously cool and stylee mummy and me matching tops which quite frankly any mum with a bit of sass would be proud to sport alongside their little in theirs too.

So today, I’m going to introduce you to an awesome boutique label which is leading the way when it comes to awesome mummy and me tops with attitude: InkRocket

mummy and me tops

Seriously – if you’re looking for a stylish and sustainable mummy and me combo look no further then InkRocket. Born from a desire to do something more important than just design quality, their clothes not only look awesome but feel beautiful too and most importantly, look amazing on the outside with a fab cut and super cool slogans.

At the moment I’m totally in love with their Wild Mama and Wild Child Mummy & Me matching set. Firstly let me say – it feels amazing because it’s made from a luxuriously soft organic cotton mixed with tencel fibres. Next, let’s talk about the cut. For mama, it’s hugely flattering thanks to its wide drape neckline and a relaxed fit making it perfect for everyday mum wear both on a style and practical level because it also contains no nasty or harmful chemicals.  All finished off with a glamorous gold Wild Mama slogan to make you feel like a rockstar mum (even if you totally don’t!).

mummy and me tops

It comes in a set with an equally super soft sweatshirt for your mini-me…aka Wild Child… making it the perfect garm for the little in your life at £60 for a set.

mummy and me tops

I should also say it’s well worth having a nosy at the rest of the InkRocket collection which is equally fab and perfect for the next generation of changemakers.

InkRocket children's clothes
If you’re in love with their mummy and me set then you’ll be super excited to know that I have an awesome competition to win one for you and your little over on my giveaway page here. Hurrah!

What did you think of these threads from InkRocket? Have you ventured into twinning? Do share in a comment below.

***Shop the full InkRocket range now***



  1. Must admit T and I have never had any matching tops. Not a big fan, but seeing these photos, might have just changed my mind. The tops are so cute! 🙂

  2. Those tops are awesome. I’d happily wear them along with my mini me. Your photos are fab, love the pulling face one. A great pair! Off to have a look at their range now.

  3. I took a photo of me and Zach the other week and then realised we were twinning in stripes 🙂 the kids love wearing matching things and Anya loves it when we wear the same colour or style. But as a child I hated it when me and my sister were forced into matching outfits, looks cute looking back now…

  4. I must have been living under a rock as I hadn’t seen this. Not sure my children would want to wear the same top as me.

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