The ultimate guide to Twitter retweet accounts and hashtags

Twitter retweet accounts

Twitter can be a big old noisy world and with everyone busy spewing out Tweets left, right and centre. Unless you already have a mahusive following, it can be a struggle to actually be heard on Twitter…..which is just one of the annoying things about Twitter! One way to try and fast track your influence on Twitter is by tagging others in your posts. But obviously you don’t want to seem like some spammy lunatic by tagging other Twitter accounts willy nilly….no people just won’t appreciate that all. Instead, did you know that a savvy way to boost your Twitter reach is by tagging retweet accounts who will then help to boost your post’s reach by retweeting your content for you? There are also certain hashtags which will do exactly the same.

But the question is….what on earth are they? You needn’t look any further, because I’ve rounded up a big fat list of Twitter retweet accounts and hashtags you can use as part of your tweets to help them go the extra mile. So here goes:

Twitter retweet accounts

@FemaleBloggerRT – 62.1k followers

@LovingBlogs – 44.4k followers

@BBlogRT – for beauty posts – 34.8k followers

@TheBlogGuideRT – 26.7k followers

@thebloggershub_ – 19.4k followers

@bloggeration – 19.1K followers

@UKBlog_Rt – 18.2k followers

@FabBloggersRT – 8k followers

@Global_BlogRT – 5.5k followers

@FemBloggers – 3.8k followers

@UKparentblogger – 3.2k followers

@allthoseblogs – 2.7k followers

@RTbloggersgang – 1.4k followers

@discoverblogRT – 1.4k followers

@welshbloggersRT (if you’re Welsh!) – 1.2k followers

@UKBlogRT – 1k followers

@UKbloggersRT – 530 followers

Twitter retweet hashtags

#BloggingGals – 47.3k followers

#BloggersBlast – 31.5k followers

#TheGirlGang – 17.4k followers

#MondayBlogs – Monday’s only (obvs!) – 17.3k followers

#BloggersTribe – 12.3k followers

#SundayBlogShare – 3.5k followers

Obviously there are lot of options above to include in your tweets to help boost them but remember, too many accounts being tagged or overuse of hashtags are spammy so I would settle on two or three of the above for every tweet and no more and try and change them up between tweets – especially when scheduling if you do.

The ultimate guide to Twitter retweet accounts and hashtags

Well my lovelies I hope the above is helpful. I’d love to know if you are trying to grow your Twitter reach? Or if you have you experimented with using any of the above accounts and hashtags in your Tweets? Or perhaps you have some others to add. Do share in a comment below.

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  1. I’ve never used them and maybe it’s about time I did too although twitter has never been a favourite of mine. Maybe I should change that too! 🙂

  2. I find twitter to difficult to get any readers from, but is it any wonder when I didn’t even realise things like this even existed and could be used! Maybe I need to look into this

  3. Oh goodness, I never knew any of these existed and I have been doing this for donkey’s years

  4. I have to admit that Twitter is just not my platform. Despite that my scheduling is getting me more traffic and my following is growing slowly each month, much to my surprise. But these are great tips for anyone starting out.

  5. This is a huge help for me, I only used one or two of the RT accounts and the hashtags so will borrow these thank you loads

  6. Ace! So handy to have a mahoosive list to try out. Thanks Talya xx #coolmumclub

  7. I’ve used a couple of retweet accounts before but not had much luck through them – i’ll definitely be trying some of the other ones on your list and checking out your other post on growing twitter (it’s been painfully slow for me!) #coolmumclub

  8. This is fab thanks, i didnt know you could tag any of those, im off to up my twitter game right now. #coolmumclub

  9. This is so helpful! I’m rubbish at Twitter, more of an Instagram girl but it’s not great for promoting blogs so I’ve had to try and get my head around Twitter a bit. This post is great, thank you! #coolmumclub

  10. I used to be so hot on the RT accounts but have got a bit lackluster at tagging them in! Thanks for the update and reminder, will be using a few of these from now on!
    Maybe we should set up a @coolmumclubRT account! High five you blogging guru x #CoolMumClub

  11. This is such a good post and really informative. Thanks for sharing X #coolmumclub

  12. A few of these I use, but so many I wasn’t aware of! I’ve been terrible with Twitter recently and really need to get back on it so this has been the kick I needed – thanks love! x #coolmumclub

  13. Always so clever. Would never dawn on me to do a post like this (but I must admit I gave up on these accounts as most of them never RT’d me! Maybe I’ll give it a go again now that my fountain of knowledge wifey has endorsed them) xx #coolmumclub

  14. This is very helpful! I really like this. I copy and pasted this to my desktop so I can refer to it when I need it. I forget these hashtags and retweets way too much so I need to write everything down lol! #CoolMumClub

  15. Brilliant article! Having used Twitter for years you have taught me so much I didn’t know!

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