A truly unique gift idea for any occasion: Give the gift of song with Songfinch

unique Mother;'s Day Gift

Every special occasion that looms near you find yourself in the same situation on a quest for a meaningful gift which won’t end up as an unwanted, problematic present. You’ve scoured the shops, you’ve trawled every online gift shop but somehow you’re still nonplussed.

And as usual, this Mother’s Day just gone I found myself in the same situation….that is until I discovered a massively wonderful secret.

The gift of song!

But before you go sweating bullets thinking you have to put pen to paper and channel your inner Stevie Wonder to make this gift happen then fret not! Because all that hard song writing work can be done for you by a marvelous platform called Songfinch, which will essentially write a song for you.

So let me tell you how the magic happens.

First you  share who the song if for, what the occassion is, and what you want the song to make them feel.

unique Mother's Day Gift Idea

You then go on to share your “stories” on the site – so for me it was all about how my mum makes me feel, all our special moments, the incredible things she has done for me. These are all the threads that will be woven together and brought to life in your very own personalized song.

unique Mother's Day Gift Idea

Then you go on to select what mood you want the song to be – there are a whole host of options from happy, to reflective, and romantic and much more inbetween. For me the name of this game was happy.

unique Mother's Day Gift Idea

Then  you go on to pick what style you want the song to be in – whether it be singer/song writer, hip hop, pop and so on. My mum is quite a traditonalist so probably didn’t want a Beyonce-fied hit…so I erred on the side of caution with a singer/songer writer style.

unique Mother's Day Gift Idea

And lastly, you choose if you would like a male or female singer or for those of you who can’t decide…..choose surprise!

unique Mother's Day Gift Idea

Then that’s as hard as your work is going to be. You sit back and relax for a few days whilst the lovely folks at  Songfinch work their magic and immerse themselves in your story, hand select the best songwriter from their community to do what they do best: write amazing music that brings your story to life.

Then after 7 days…..ta-dah!  they’ll email you to let you know that your song is finished and live on your Story Homepage. From there, you can listen and download, read the lyrics, share it and learn more about the artist who created your masterpiece.

When I received my beautiful song and gift I had to say….I couldn’t hold the tears back. And when played the song to my mum well you can imagine what happened and of course…she hasn’t stopped playing it since.

So now this wonderful lady in our life…..


has the gift that keeps on giving and this is how it goes…..

The cost of a song which will be with your recipient for a lifetime and totally unique is $200 (that’s £160 at time of writing to us Brits) and the lovely folks at Songfinch are offering you lovely lot a discount of 10% off your own song – just enter the code MOTHERHOODFANS at check out.

And all that is left to be said is…get making that song! Birthdays, anniversaries, and any other special days….it’s there for the song making my lovelies.

***Make your very own gift of a song at Songfinch here***

*This is a collaborative post 

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  1. Love this! Talya we had such a blast working with you on your song. Your stories about your mum were just too sweet!! We’re so glad you and your mother enjoyed “Thank You Mum,” written by the awesome songwriter Dana McKeon. Can’t wait to work with you again!!

  2. Oh Talya, that is such a lovely song. Listened to it the whole way through and it’s such a beautiful tribute to your mum. And your picture you’ve shared in your post is lovely, you’re very like your mum from what I can see. Such a lovely gift x

  3. What a lovely and unique idea. The photo of you all is just beautiful and really brought the song to life as I could see who it was written for. I hope you both had a fab Mother’s Day.

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