5 super cool & unique gifts ideas for kids

unique gift ideas for kids

Instead of buying your child another Paw Patrol Set or DVD (snore!), why not try something a little different? Getting your sproglet a great present that is a little bit out of the ordinary is a fantastic idea. If you’re stuck and don’t know what to get your child for any kind of present, you might want to try some of these options.

Why these 5 unique gift ideas for kids make the cut

There are a few different reasons as to why I really like these gift ideas and why you will probably like them too. First and foremost, most of the gifts we have listed here will cause your child to be far more active than ever. It is always great to get your kids a present that will make them be active and provide them with some much needed exercise. Exercise and healthy eating is very important for kids).

Moreover, in one way or another, these gift ideas are all educational in some way. There is no better time to start educating your child than as soon as possible, and the same goes for exercise too. Also, these toys, or most of them, help to teach your child a little bit of responsibility, something that every child will have to learn by the time they grow up.

These are great toys that will either inspire movement, teach responsibility, serve an educational purpose, or get your kids outside, and in fact most of these gift ideas will do more than one or even all of those things. Plus of course they will have a whole lot of fun too!

1. Kids grow ‘n glow terrarium

A great item to get for your child’s birthday, whether boy or girl, is the Kids Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium. This is a really neat gift idea because your kids can plant wheat and chia seeds inside of it. Not only is planting and gardening pretty fun, but it will also teach your kids some responsibility by having them keep something alive, even if it is just a plant.

Of course the Kids Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium is fun to upkeep and will give your kids something to do, not to mention that it is really nice to look at too. It’s also a really neat choice because it comes with a wide variety of glow in the dark stickers which your kids will love to look at, plus the stickers turn this terrarium into a comforting nightlight.

For all the parents out there, this thing is very easy to assemble so there is no trouble there. Also, the Kids Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium also comes with a convenient water tool so your kids can easily learn to take care of a living thing and always make sure that the plants are watered.

This is a fantastic present for any child because it will inspire their creativity and imagination, it acts as a soothing night light, and it even helps teach them some responsibility too. It’s a good gift for any child between the ages of 6 and 14.

2. DIY t-shirt painting 

Instead of coming home to find that your kids have plastered the walls and furniture with crayons and markers, why not come home to kids that just designed their own T-shirts? Well, this is what the DIY T-shirt Painting Kit is, a way for your kids to express their artistic side without destroying your whole home and forcing you to repaint the walls.

Kids love to paint and color, kids also like to wear colorful clothes, especially ones that suit their style, so what better than a shirt painting kit? Your kids will have endless hours of fun designing and painting their own shirts, something that will keep them occupied and allow you to catch up on your favorite soap opera. Painting and being creative is also much better for your children’s minds than watching some garbage show on TV. (Is the TV really so evil?)

Let your kids express themselves by being their own fashion designers. They will absolutely love showing off their new creations to friends at school too. This kit comes with everything that your kids need to fully create T-shirts which they are going to love. Say goodbye to arguing about what clothes your kids are going to wear, because with the DIY T-Shirt Painting Kit, they will never want to wear anything else again!

3. Tetra LED half moon betta aquarium

If you kid has been asking you for a pet, but you weren’t too sure about their ability to look after it, why not start out with something simple like a little fish. Fish are fun to look at, they help teach your child some responsibility, and they aren’t too hard to keep alive either.

The Tetra LED Half Moon Betta Aquarium is a good little starter fish tank for any young child who is just dying for a colorful littler pet. Don’t worry parents, this thing is strong and built to last, which is thanks to the ultra-solid design of it.

You also don’t have to worry too much about cleaning because this fish tank does have a very quiet filtration system so it doesn’t make too much noise, plus it helps keep the water clean too. (Speaking from experience a good protein skimmer also comes in handy as well to help reduce the amount of times you need to replace the water and clean the tank).

Your kids will also appreciate this fish tank because it can act as a little night light, which is really convenient if you have a child that is scared of the dark. The Tetra Half Moon Aquarium also has a relaxing little cascading waterfall, something that will lull your kids to sleep every night just like a good old bed time story. If your child wants a pet and if you want to teach your kid some responsibility, a good way to start is with a fish, and this tank is a decent aquarium for beginners.

4. Giant inflatable bowling set

If you are sick and tired of watching your kid sit inside watching TV from dawn until dusk, then you should get them a gift that will make them move around a little bit, get some exercise, and get some fresh air too. This Giant Inflatable Bowling Set is fantastic for just that. It’s a great gift to get your kids outdoors in the backyard and get them some of that much needed exercise.

This is a giant inflatable bowling set, so if your kid likes either bowling or soccer, then this is a perfect present for them. Even if they don’t like those sports yet, it is a good way to introduce your children to them and get them used to being active, because after all, exercise is an important part of staying healthy, plus it’s good to get your kids started when they are young.

This makes for a great birthday or Christmas present because it is a safe toy too. Everything is nice and soft, thus there is no risk of sustaining any serious injuries. You will also appreciate this because with enough space it is a toy that can be played with inside if it is raining outside. All in all, this makes for a really good toy to get your kids moving and let them have some fun too.

5. Bounty hunter BHJS junior metal detector

Do you have a really active kid on your hands, a kid that just does not sit still and give you some peace? Or maybe you have a little boy that just loves to dig around in your backyard without any purpose. You might even have a kid that loves to go treasure hunting and enjoys finding new things.

The point is that this little metal detector set is a great gift idea for so many different reasons. Not only is a metal detector a great toy to fool around with for any child, but it is also somewhat of an educational tool too because it helps teach kids about the properties of metal and how technology works.

Of course the Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector will provide your kids with loads of fun too. You can hide some items in the backyard and let your kids loose, or you can go on a neat metal detecting treasure hunt on your next trip to the beach.

It will keep your kids occupied, plus it inspires them to be outdoors as well. Why have your kids watch useless cartoons when they could be enjoying some good sunlight and beautiful Mother Nature. On a side note, this thing is built to last and designed to withstand the destructive fingers of any little boy or girl.

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