Valentine’s day cruises: Keep the romance and take the kids on a cruise

kids on a cruise

Romantic getaways and time spent with the kids need not be mutually exclusive. Last-minute cruise offers are a chance to relax with both the love of your life and your children

You look into your husband’s eyes, holding hands, gentle music playing in the background and you remember when you first fell in love… then you hear “muuuuuuum!!” and your son comes crashing through the door. When you imagine a romantic getaway with your other half, I’d bet you a bottle of vintage Rioja that you don’t picture your kids there with you.

Valentine’s Day is coming and, although you may think you’re too old for romance once marriage and kids are part of your life, it’s actually more important than ever to make time to keep your flame burning. Leaving your kids behind, though, just isn’t an option sometimes.

This doesn’t mean you have to give up your holiday entirely. With last-minute cruise offers, you can still get your romantic holiday — and you can even bring the kids. Here’s why you should sail into the sunset with the whole family this February.

Cruises are like floating cities – without the dangers

Large cruise ships, like NCL Cruises and Azamara Cruises, are essentially floating cities. There’s everything in them that you’d expect to find in a city: cinemas, spas, sports halls, restaurants, even climbing walls and swimming pools. And that’s just your standard ship; fancier liners from major cruise lines have some pretty amazing things if you want to indulge your inner daredevil while at sea. Robot bartenders? Check. Skydiving chambers? Check. Surfing simulators? Check!

This means that your children can run off and keep themselves entertained — but there’s no chance of them getting lost and there are staff around at all times to keep an eye on them. With everything that’s happening on modern cruise ships, they’re guaranteed not to get bored, leaving you and your other half with plenty of time to explore yourselves.

While the kids are away, the adults can play

Speaking of exploring, while your children are off making the most of everything the ship has to offer, you and your partner can take time to indulge in some quality alone time. There’s been a lot of to and froing in the debate about whether time away from your children on a planned holiday is okay, but psychologist Dr. Helen Barrett says you should make sure not to spend all your time around your kids. Otherwise, your relationship might suffer.

A cruise will take away that doubt. You’re still with your children, but they’re safe and sound, meaning you can take plenty of romantic couple’s time on your own. You can dance in the evenings, enjoy the spas in the daytime, or take to the tennis courts if you have a competitive streak.

Last-minute cruise deals help you keep to a budget

Booking something last-minute may seem like the expensive option, but the great thing about cruises is that they’re all inclusive. This makes them extremely family-friendly if you’re on a budget. No unexpected costs, no hotel rooms where you end up paying so much more for your kids, no entertainment or spa costs. The adults get their alcohol and your kids get their arcade and cinema tickets.

Last-minute cruise deals also cater to a variety of budgets and schedules. You don’t need to take a month-long cruise to Australia; a cruise to the Mediterranean can be equally exciting and enjoyable, but at a fraction of the cost.

Wait, but what about what’s on the shore?

The main attraction of a cruise, of course, isn’t what’s inside the ship; it’s what you’re cruising to. Last-minute cruises from the UK are great for avoiding the hassle of going through an airport with kids, but you can also get a last-minute cruise deal that includes flights and will get you straight to your destination, then aboard a ship for a cruise around the nearby islands or countries. There are lots of child-friendly cruise destinations, whether your family are interested in history, culture, adventure, theme parks or relaxing on a beach.

If you’re exhausted of how tiring moving from place to place is when you travel, but want to see more than one destination, a cruise is absolutely perfect for you. You can give your tired brain a chance to rest and recharge, while enjoying multiple blissful locations. No itineraries to hold in your head, no buses to catch; just amazing locations and relaxing in between.

So what are you waiting for? Hop online and book your last-minute cruise for this half-term. Find someone to water your plants, feed the cats and walk the dog. Give the house a final clean and pack your fancy clothes. It’s time to rekindle your romance and give your kids a holiday to remember.

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  1. I actually laughed out while reading the second paragraph. So true.

    But you still haven’t sold this idea to me. Sorry. First thing that came to mind for me was how worried I’d be about my son being on ship and what could happen to him. That is just me. I’d probably be more than happy to go without the kid.

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