Ways to help your baby sleep

help your baby sleep

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There are few things in life that are as exciting as anticipating a new life joining your family. Baby’s are not only cute and lovable, they are an extension of ourselves and our family. Baby’s represent our opportunity to leave our mark in the world, which is raising a healthy and happy human being.

We love our children, which is why we, as mothers and fathers, we do all that we can to ensure our children have the best that we can obtain for them at the onset of their lives. Just as we recently suggested massaging your baby, today’s blog post will focus on the importance of sleep for you new baby, and ways you can make this happen, despite all the horror stories of babies crying through the night.

Baby’s need sleep

We know that sleep is important for babies, but do we know exactly why? The health benefits that come from a great night’s sleep, both mental and physical, are abundant. Not only does healthy sleep promote heart health, it enables healthy growth spurts in your baby, and is the best way to stave off excessive weight gain. The development of the brain is affected by healthy or poor sleep patterns as well.

Also, by creating a healthy sleep pattern for your baby, you are laying the foundation needed for your child to have a healthful bedtime habits in their later years. Yet, how do we know we are doing all that is needed to help them sleep through the night? Try out some of our tips to make abundant sleep a regular thing in your child’s life.

Get the room ready

If you are a soon-to-be parent, odds are you have been going over what to put in baby’s first room, or nursery. There are so many cute things to choose from when designing the room your baby will first sleep in and, while we agree patterns and colors are fun, keep in mind that there are certain ways to ensure a great night’s sleep before your baby arrives.

The mattress is important

When you lay in bed at night, do you do it in a bed that is lumpy or uncomfortable? Your baby should have the best mattress for their crib as well, wouldn’t you agree? This review of crib mattresses will be able to help you pinpoint just what product fits your baby’s needs.

Keep it simple

While you might be tempted to get lots of pillows and cute stuffed toys to keep your baby company while they sleep the night away, experts suggest you stay far away from these, including crib bumpers. Each of these items increases the risk of your baby suffocating while sleeping. Besides, excessive stimulants like toys might produce the opposite results you are attempting to achieve, which is a good night’s sleep for your baby.

Utilize the lights

One way to motivate your baby to sleep is to turn the lights down a few hours before you put them to bed, two should be enough. This will “set the mood” and encourage your baby to sleep. Also, leave the lights dim in your baby’s bedroom and consider using a night light. Shades that darken the room during naptime are also beneficial when lulling your baby to rest.

Create a routine

Routines are very important for children in general, so this is no different when it comes to a new baby. In fact, it is more important at your baby’s bedtime because this is when his little brain is developing his circadian rhythms, which is our natural internal clock.

Drown out the outside

White noise machines have been known to work wonders in helping babies drift off to sleep. The sounds created by these gadgets not only cloak noise from outside their nursery, your baby will begin to associate the humming with bedtime, which helps them create a routine.

Be firm

If your baby is insistent on playing while you try to get her to sleep, it is important that you not give in to her cute little demands to crawl about. You might feel like talking to her all night as she gurgles back, and who are we to blame you? Still, this will defeat the purpose of creating a routine, which is a primary component in helping your baby sleep.

Also, if you continue to hear noises from the monitor, find a way to restrain yourself from going into the nursery continually. By checking on your baby every time she makes a sound, you will be teaching her to wake up for attention, which will take you in the wrong direction.

Droopy eyes are the time

When you find your baby drifting off, this is the time to put her to bed, say some experts. By doing this, you are educating your baby how to fall asleep naturally, which will help them sleep better when grown. Timing is everything with this technique.

Ways to help your baby sleep

Did you find the above advice useful? What else would you add to the above? Or perhaps you have a baby who struggles to get to sleep. Do share in a comment below.

Author bio: Frank Apodaca is Senior Editor of  The Sleep Judge, a one stop advice shop for all your sleep needs.



  1. I have already tried some ways to help my baby sleep. Some of them were super failure. But one of them was a great success. That was using a humidifier and essential oil diffuser. It was making the room comfortable and relaxing. Next time I will try your ways too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. As a new mother I don’t know when my baby wants to sleep and how I can give him a nap. One of my friend has told me that when the baby cries he needs either food or sleep. But sometimes though I give him food he keeps crying.

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience and I think every baby has different scenarios. Your tips are really useful for new parents and don’t worry if few trick gets failed try always new that makes you and your baby happy.

  4. I am having a hard time to make my baby brother go to sleep, but I find this very helpful because I now have the right perspective on making my baby brother sleep better. Thank you for sharing this. 🙂

  5. Amazing Post, As a parent you have to know who much sleep required your baby. You have mentioned all the most important ways that help your baby sleep.Thanks for the sharing informative tips with us.

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