Weight loss – the never ending mum struggle

weight loss

Weight loss and mums – if there’s one subject that has come up more times than I can remember with fellow mums it has to be weight loss.

I’m not sure if mums were ever so obsessed about losing the baby weight back in the day, which painfully can seem to take an age and for some never happen to the level they would like.

And honestly? I blame the media. Our eyes are forever being pummeled with images of celebrity mums cavorting around in a bikini looking like they never squeezed something out in the first place (without the back story of how much help they have had to make this happen – dietitians, personal trainers yadda yadda yadda).

Then we are relentlessly sidetracked by articles about how to look good naked before summer (gah!!!!! more flesh on show god help us), how to get a flatter tummy after birth and bamboozled by a never ending onslaught of faddy diets, weight loss programmes and weight loss pills.

Is it no wonder we have become a blithering wreck when it comes to the idea of weight loss? When did the whole post partum weight struggle become so depressing? Instead of a never ending battle against weight loss, wouldn’t it be more helpful perhaps if the media got on our side and championed us to love our post partum bodies instead of shaming them and glorifying those who have a six pack six weeks after birth?

Then let’s not forget about what message all of this sends to our children….and especially our daughters who need so much encouragement in loving themselves. If we are constantly down on our own bodies, what is this teaching them about their own body image? If we’re pained by our own bodies, then how will they feel about theirs?  To raise a daughter who is body positive, in my humble opinion it is as ever with all things in parenting a case of leading by example and therefore whatever our post baby body lot in life, surely we owe it to them to nurture a positive body image to lay the foundations for their own?

But again, if we’re constantly brainwashed by a media singing a very different song, although deep down inside we know this all to be so very true, it makes the whole situation like pushing water uphill with a fork doesn’t it?

Have you struggled with post baby weight loss? What do you think about the role the media has to play in the pressure we put on ourselves post partum? Do you struggle to champion a positive body image for your children? Do leave a comment and share.
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