Welcome to the #coolmumclub…week 12!


Cooey! We’re back. OK a little late on the new year front only opening our doors this week…but good things come to those who wait, right? Hope you are all muddling through the pain of January (keep deluding yourself with happy thoughts that Spring is right round the corner!!), and you are fully fired up to take the bloggersphere (and world!) by storm in 2016.

I have to say that I missed you lovely lot, and so I’m delighted to welcome you all back to the fold with a big piece of cake and even bigger glass of wine (sorry dry January what!!?).

My fave post from the last instalment of #coolmumclub was…

Why there should no longer be an estimated due date by The Mum Project – something I have always wondered and frankly an issue which causes a lot of angst amongst us mums!

Sarah’s fave was…

Mrs Claus Bares All – The Secret to The Perfect Christmas  by Agent Spitback

This week I’m linking up with two posts I’d love you to have a peek at….

So I hear you’re a mummy blogger *SCOFF*

Parenting blogs which accept guest blogs 

Sarah’s linking up with….

Being a no-selfies blogger 

#coolmumclub: Meet the members…the butterfly mother 

So now on with the show…

***PLEASE NOTE THE NEW END TIME FOR #COOLMUMCLUB WILL BE FRIDAY AT 11.55PM. (i.e. the club is no longer over the weekends as we are getting too old and crusty to be able to party all weekend too). ***

RULES: The first rule of #coolmumclub is, there are NO a few rules.

      • Join in with up to two posts. All content is welcome; don’t get too hung up on being cool – this isn’t school 😉
  • Comment on one of the host’s posts 

If you like it then you should put a badge on it (to the tune of Beyonce, obv). Grab it here…

  • Share some blog love people…we all know the currency of blogging is comments, so pay your way. Share the ones you really dig on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+ yadda yadda yadda
  • Tweet myself and Sarah a #coolmumclub pointer to @motherhoodreal @mummuddlingthru and we will of course retweet you as best as our crazy children permit.
  • We’re not the blog police…use your lovely #pblogger conscience and comment on what you can, we totally know what it’s like when you have one hand and three minutes; come back later if you need to? Bear in mind, the more you give, the more you receive.

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