Welcome to the #coolmumclub…week 13!


What’s up #coolmumclub-bers! So great to have you all back in the club last week – have to say it was like having a lovely January reunion proving that this destitute month need not be miserable! In the time that went and passed between our outrageously hedonistic club sessions, I have managed to man-up and get a release date for my new ebook – INSIDE THE MIND OF A TODDLER...um….tomorrow WAAAHHHHHH!

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Anyhooooo…clearly having a little festivity did you all the world of good because there were so many FAB posts last week. Really very difficult to choose a fave therefore, but I am going to stick my neck out and say that mine was….

The Starbucks Parody Song – by The Anxious Dragon – a wonderfully witty tribute in honour of the the musical legend that is Bowie.

Sarah’s fave was The Thing All Parents Talk About by Naptime Natter– the question is can you decipher exactly what that is?

This week I’m linking up with:

10 rules for staying sane as a parent (that don’t involve wine and cake) – can it really be done!!??? read on and find out…

5 top tips for treating teething naturally – for those of you who have the teething monster in your house, this might come in handy!

Sarah is linking up with….

The unreasonable demands of parenting 

#coolmumclub meet the members: Agent Spitback

And so onto this week’s glory moment….

An InLinkz Link-up





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