What to buy dad for Christmas + a giveaway with Uncommon Goods

buy dad for Christmas

If the stock in the shops is anything to go by, the Christmas shopping season has officially begun and when it comes to Daddy, don’t you dare give him socks, or some crap in a box – he deserves so much more this Christmas! But what?! I’ve teamed up with Uncommon Goods – THE gift site to find cool and unusual Christmas gifts –  to bring you these fab Christmas gift finds for Dads, because a truly unique gift for Daddy is only a click away:

For the wannabe rock god

Does dad fancy himself a muso? Maybe he dreams of being a rock god in another life? Like a hand-held hall of fame, this set of guitar glasses has something for everyone in the band. Each pint glass sports an iconic guitar from a different genre of music, making it a great gift for your favourite music lover or air guitar aficionado.

buy dad for Christmas
 Price: Set of 4 – £26.74

For the movie lover

Let’s face it, bought popcorn is never the same as the real thing and burnt homemade popcorn spells death to a movie night. Thankfully Dad can enjoy the fresh, healthy taste of stovetop popcorn with the convenience of the microwave and this popcorn popper.  Don’t forget to remind him through: love is….sharing your popcorn!

buy dad for Christmas

Price: £11.45

For the dad with attitude

Something to remind Dad’s co-workers and kiddos who’s the boss with these sassy signs that make light of his leadership role, whether he’s the CEO of a company or the COO of his household. Embellished with cheeky sayings, these retro-styled signs work overtime to liven up Dad’s office, study, or thinking spot.

buy dad for Christmas Price: £21.39

For mister forgetful

For the Dad who is forever misplacing his glasses, take the struggle out of the daily glasses location game with this nifty hard-carved wooden statuette. No more Dad searching around blindly, or trying to remember where he last put them down. This gift has extra feel-good brownie points because it was created by HSSS, a non-profit in India that helps underprivileged artisans, who suffer hardships with physical handicaps, illiteracy, extreme poverty, or being in lower castes, find markets for their wood products.
buy dad for Christmas

Price: £13.75

For the Daddy who needs some TLC

Poor old Dad, sometimes all he needs is a little hug or kiss but the fella often gets overlooked. Ensure Daddy gets the TLC on tap with these set of ten pewter love tokens allowing him to call in the romance whenever he likes. These would make a perfect stocking stuffers don’t you think?

buy dad for Christmas

For the day dreaming Dad

Got a Dad who is often away with the fairies? Well why not send him to the stars with his own personal planetarium a.k.a. this augmented reality viewer and audio guide. Once he inserts his smartphone it overlays constellations, galaxies, planets, and cosmic factoids in six modes across the night sky, much like his own personal planetarium,  taking him from our little blue dot to the far reaches of the universe. Super cool no?

buy dad for Christmas

Price: £76.64

For the beer lover

Because there’s nothing worse than a beer that’s gone lukewarm, this clever beer chilling stone coaster set gives dad the power to keep his beers cold in perpetuity by popping these in the refrigerator or freezer, before transferring them over to his beer o’clock spot for a  and naturally chill round of beer. Cheers to that!

buy dad for Christmas


Price: £51. 95

What do you think of these gift ideas for Dad? Have you got your eye on any in particular? For more ideas for gifts for the family do pop over to Uncommon Goods – they have some amazing gift ideas there!

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  1. I like the popcorn popper too. Really fun novelty gift. I also really like the coasters, at least they won’t disintegrate and look like a mess after two or three uses…

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