Find out what you missed at the Tots100 Flea Retreat

Last weekend, a bevvy of parenting bloggers trundled down to Somerset after months of anticipation since booking the tickets to the Tots100 Flea Retreat.

Taking place at Croydon Hall, near Taunton – a beautiful country house which was once home to a community of Cistercian monks – for two nights we were surrounded by nothing by rolling green hills, the sound of the birds chirping, woodpeckers hammering, blissful peace and our fellow bloggers.

The retreat was an amazing opportunity to step off the hamster wheel of life (and blogging) and immerse ourselves in a wide variety of workshops and experiences and unleash that creativity which can so often become buried under a blanket of to-do lists.

From the minute we arrived it was like the weight of the world fell off our mum shoulders. Here are some of my favourite things I learned from the weekend that I wanted to share with you.

  • How to use yoga power poses when you need to own it in life thanks to  Rachel Smith Bone Yoga  and how I could actually be up early and get to morning yoga session at 7am!

Flea Retreat

  • How to take my writing in a different direction thanks to a number of techniques I picked up at the creative writing workshop led by Kirstie Pelling
  • How to make my product photography look like something that stepped out of the Sunday Times Style magazine thanks to expert advice from Derek Lomas

  • What I needed to do to take my YouTube videos to the next level with Somerset Film
  • How to totally rock it in a fashion photography shoot wearing NoLogo ChicFlea Retreat

To be honest there were so many other incredible and exciting activities and workshops from paddle boarding and cycling, to a sunrise photography and a beach walk photo session, confidence on camera and portrait photography plus so much more it was hard to choose between the sessions.

As I’m sure you can tell already it was a




But the best bit about Flea Retreat? That everyone was so relaxed, it brought out the absolute best in everyone. In terms of networking with other bloggers, it was undoubtedly the best recipe for success. I had so many amazing conversations and funny moments with so many fellow bloggers –  there are too many to mention but to name a few: Island Living 365, A Moment with Franca, What The Redhead Said, What Katy Said, Just Eildh, Renovation Bay Bee, Le Coin De Mel, Mother’s Always Right, Slummy Single Mummy, Mad About The Boys, Verily Victoria Vocalizes, Actually Mummy and We Made This Life.

I want to say massive kudos to The Retreat Team – Sally at Who’s The Mummy, Sarah at Toby Goes Bananas,  Lindy at Squidyboo, Louise at Pink Pear Bear, and Monika at Mum On The Brink who did an amazing job of organising the whole thing and who really went above and beyond to make it an incredible experience for all….they must have been truly shattered afterwards (I have no idea when they slept!) and I really hope they are building up some sleep credits now.

Word on the street is that they will be organising another Flea Retreat next year…needless to say I’ll be on it like a bonnet! How about you?

Oh – and If you’d like to catch up on other people’s posts all about Flea Retreat then have a look here.



  1. Ooh you’ve just brought it all back to life for me! You’re absolutely right – everyone really did chill and mix well together. I’ve not really seen that before at a blogging event. Lovely to meet you there.

  2. I know we’ve worked together lots over the years but is it weird that you still weren’t at ALL what I expected! This is what I love about blogging events, when avatars and blog names become real people 🙂 It was so lovely to have you there, thanks a million for coming along x

    • Haha likewise Sally! It was so great to meet you in person and get to know the real Sally 🙂 A thousand thanks for organising what was hands down the best blogging experience I’ve had yet I truly can’t wait for the next one x

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