What’s inside mummy’s tool box? My tool box essentials

tool box essentials

Now before you go thinking this is a post about some kind of hocus pocus parenting tricks I have up my sleeve as a mum. No, that it is not. We’re talking REAL tool boxes, you know…the kind that we use to fix things around the house as modern 21st century women!

There’s no point acting like a damsel in distress every time something breaks around the house. Like with all things in life, we should be able to look after ourselves and that comes to be able dabble in simple DIY projects and having the ability to fix things (or at least have a stab at it!). Because quite frankly, trying to hammer in a picture nail with an 80s stiletto shoe or using a knife you’re likely to slice your finger off with as a screwdriver just won’t cut it (….oops! or maybe it will and then you’ll have to go to A&E!).

And for that, my friends, we need a tool box….and some simple tools. So as a very basic starting point…take a leaf out of your child’s ELC tool kit which has all the essentials in there….errrr….only in plastic form!

For the absolute tool box novice, I have put together a list of tool box essentials so you can begin to feel empowered by having it (ummm….even if you never touch it for years…shhh….nobody need know about that!):

  1. Tape measure
  2. Stanley knife
  3. Hammer and nails
  4. Screwdriver set
  5. Pliers
  6. Staple gun
  7. Hand sander
  8. Hand saw
  9. Power drill
  10. Wrench
  11. Chisel
  12. Safety glasses

Some mama folk, like me will have the most random assortment of the above cobbled together from years of misshapen DIY attempts and hand me downs from dads who should know better. Or you can live the tool box dream and get a beautifully curated tool box without all the random odds and ends – some toolkit inspo for you here. But for those who are seriously determined to roll with the big guns, check out these tool chests from SGS Engineering – warning, just don’t go feeling all intimidated ok?

Do you have a tool box that you sometimes bust out for the odd spot of DIY? Or perhaps you’re a DIY shirker. Leave a comment share below.

*This is a collaborative post 

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