Who is more worried about their hair…you or him?

worried about their hair

Hands up who gets worried about their hair on a regular basis? Yup, grey hairs, thinning hair and general WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH MY HAIR problems. You name it, us women have it. But is it just us gals who worry about what’s happening with our barnets, or are guys also staring with terror into the impending hair abyss too? Crown Clinic conducted a survey with 1,000 people and found a number of different opinions, when discussing hair loss, greys and the overall ageing process and so now, it’s time for the bald truth….

On ageing in general

When asked what their biggest ageing fears were, there’s no big shockers with all the usuals featuring…

Men fret about man boobs, thinning hair, double chins, beer bellies and grey hairs whilst women stress about grey hair, wrinkles, crow’s feet, double chins and my own favourite – bingo wings.

Men on average don’t start to fret about ageing until they are 35 (lucky ducks!), compared to the average age of 29 for women – but one in six women are worrying at 21……holy moly surely that’s just too damn young!

42% of women felt more insecure about their looks at 30, compared to 22% of men. But by 35, 62% of men feel that they are “over the hill” (come on guys, serously?) – quite a dramatic difference compared to the 5 years before.

47% of women have considered cosmetic surgery to reduce the signs of ageing, with breast implants being the most popular choice. 34% of men have also considered surgery to reduce ageing, but with hair transplants being the most popular consideration.

On hair

Now let’s talk hair. Women on average look 6 years older when their hair has greyed significantly, compared to men looking 3 year older (unfair or what?). Women tend to get their first hairs at 34, with men showing a little earlier at 33.

But what do you do with the grey hair? 82% of women choose to pluck their first greys (errr me included) and after a year of greying, 74% are dyeing their hair to disguise it. On the other hand, the majority of men choose to let nature take its course – only 31% choose to pluck their greys, and just 18% choosing to dye their hair. Because, ya know, men just look distinguished…apparently!

BUT men are more concerned with losing their hair than it greying – 71% of those surveyed in fact. Not really a surprise considering that an estimated 6.5 million men in the UK experience pattern baldness.

Which leads on to the next point – did you know that the average age for hair transplants (a topic of much conversation in this household too – eek! would you, wouldn’t you?!) for men is now 42 years old? Since Wayne Rooney openly discussed his hair transplant there has been a 25% increase in the number of under-30s looking for the help of a hair transplant.

So the question is…would he go there too?

Do you worry about what is happening to your hair with age? Do you think you partner worries about it too? Do leave a comment and share below.

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  1. Wow! its a very interesting topic you have raised here. Its very difficult to select who is very conscious about their hair. In my opinion hair is a essential part of our body without hair nobody looks good. Anyhow, I like your post. Just want to give a big thumbs up!

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