Child friendly festival? Why we chose to go child free this festival season

child friendly festivals

Child friendly festivals are all the range, and I always thought I would be that boho mum who would be carting her tot around festivals come the summer. However, the reality is…for the past two years I have chosen to go childfree come the festival season.

Never say never, but for the time being, it’s not now.

Last year we went to the uber child friendly festival Wilderness – childfree – with the idea that we would scope it out to see whether we could take the toddler along. We had an amazing time but all around us we could see screaming toddlers and parents who looked like maybe they had made a mistake.

I then read a thought piece in the Sunday Times Magazine about why a seasoned festival going journo would never take his children to a festival again for the very same reason.

So when festival season rolled back around again, we chose to go child free – this time to The Masked Ball (which actually is not really a child-friendly festival anyway) with no regrets.

For some, taking your kids along to festivals seems to work really well, and honestly, the parents of babies and older kids seemed totally at ease at Wilderness. But parents of toddlers? Absolutely miserable. But then maybe they have particularly miserable toddlers. And after all, the twos can be pretty terrible at the best of times whether you are at a festival or not.

Now that our toddler is threenager, I can definitely see changes in her that make me think – wait up, I think we could perhaps go to a festival and all be able to have a good time. But for now, we’ll happily be childfree at festivals until we know for sure that we can all truly enjoy that festival feeling, and make that dream a reality.

Do you take your children to festivals? What is the best age to enjoy a festival with a child? Leave a comment and let me now.

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  1. Talya I never braved the whole festival with kids thing and can’t imagine anything worse – other than the stress of sending your teenager to a festival and crossing your fingers that it will be fine! x

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