Why women should invest in new lingerie + #win

invest in new lingerie

Hello lovely ladies, do you know what has been making me feel really bad about myself of late. Putting on those bras that had gone grey or bobbly! I remember when I finally released myself of those maternity bras after our extended breastfeeding journey had finished. I headed out, by myself, got myself refitted and bought some new bras. It felt amazing. But I realised that was over four years ago. And I was still wearing those bras. They were starting to look pretty decrepit. And it was making me feel like a frump. I realised at that moment why it’s so important that women should invest in new lingerie.

Invest in yourself

When you invest in new lingerie, it’s not a frivolous and selfish indulgent. Think about it – your lingerie is the first thing you put on in the morning. And if you’re not feeling good about the underwear you’re putting on in the morning, how is that going to be setting you up for the day?

No, I have decided that when you invest in new lingerie, it is not some shallow pursuit. It is part of setting yourself up for a miracle morning as far as I’m concerned.

I know this because so sick of putting on those now shabby bras had I become, that I promised myself I would invest in new lingerie. That first started with a me-time shopping trip to the usual suspects. The thing it that lingerie shopping is much like shopping for swimwear. It can either be pretty uninspiring or you can feel totally ridiculous in it!

I had plenty of the both on that outing.

So when UK Lingerie got in touch to ask if I’d like to sample some of their lingerie I was as happy as a monkey with a peanut machine! I promise you now – it’s very hard to go onto their site and walk away with nothing. Your problem will probably be wanting to choose too many gorgeous pieces of lingerie!

Roser Samon Promise Bralette and Briefs

Every morning, I put on my brand new shiny lingerie and do you know what? I feel empowered, confident and feminine. Sure I may only be wearing a tee from H&M with a breakfast stain over it. But that act of putting on something I feel good about in the morning, and that looks gorgeous makes all the difference. Yes, I know I am no Victoria’s Secret model, and maybe nobody else will see it that day. But it’s that simple act of putting on some gorgeous lingerie in that mad dash of a morning, which can make all the difference to your day. Or at the very least, cheer you up.

You all know my favourite saying in life is “Fake it ’til you make it”. If we invest in new lingerie and that helps us fake it a bit, then nobody needs to know that’s our little secret do they?

Moments by LingaDore Balconet Bra

What do you think about the notion women should invest in new lingerie? Can you remember the last time you did so?

And now for the exciting bit…..


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invest in new lingerie

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  1. I usually buy for myself as I know what I like and what feels comfortable. I usually splash out once a year around Christmas when I treat myself to a few new sets of bras and knickers and packs of knickers!

  2. Oh I love this and really needed it, I dread putting my bras on at the moment, they are ill fitting and a bit gross.

    You’ve inspired me to go shopping! Thank you.

    You’re so right though, it really does feel empowering to know that you have nice underwear on

  3. I seem to have spent the past four years breastfeeding and being stuck with nursing bras! Now that I’m pregnant again I’ll hopefully be breastfeeding again soon, so perhaps after that journey ends would be the perfect time for a lingerie refresh 🙂

  4. I buy when they become uncomfortable and the wire starts to dig in, which is ridiculous. I really should buy sooner.

  5. I am terrible at treating myself to bras, I have the same ones for years. I really need to bite the bullet and buy some new ones! and I need to find out my size properly .

  6. I don’t invest in lingerie as mush as i should do – the last time i bought any was about 6 months ago

  7. I always buy my own as I like to get ones that support well. I usually buy some every summer as that’s when I notice that they are not so white anymore.

  8. I totally get it…
    I never buy nice undies cause I always feel the money is not justified when I could spend on other things.

  9. My husband doesn’t buy me underwear – he wouldn’t have a clue! I love buying new underwear and have to have matching, I won’t go out of the house unless it matches! Unfortunately I don’t buy it very often, about once a year, and normally get it from a supermarket. Would love to get some really nice, expensive underwear for once!

  10. I always buy my own but I’m seriously in need of some new lingerie as my self care has taken a bit of a back seat recently!

  11. I always struggle to buy lingerie because I am tall, but I have just got some Triumph matching for the first time

  12. Now that im getting huge at 21 weeks pregnant some new lingerie is needed asap aha would love to be your lucky winner

  13. I always buy my wn underwear, I’m way too fussy and difficult to fit! I try and buy my bras in the sale but don’t think I’ve bought one this year

  14. I completely agree. Lingerie that’s older than the furniture is not a good look and also makes you feel miserable first thing . Investing in some new stuff is definitely self care in my eyes 🙂

  15. Yes, I do invest in lingerie and know how important it is to wear the correct size and update my bras regularly. I last treated myself early spring.

  16. I can’t remember the last time I invested in new lingerie it’s been so long as I’ve recently lost a stone and half so a lot of my bras are too big for me, so I desperately need new lingerie

  17. I do properly maybe once a year, the last time was about 6 months ago. Unless I see something special that catches my eye!

  18. I love new lingerie I usually hit the sales when I buy items as i do feel that its overpriced sometimes. The last time I did rgis was in Janiary

  19. I can’t remember the last time I bought lingerie that wasn’t boring and practical, this makes me want to go out there and treat myself!

  20. Lingerie, perhaps once every 2 years when I think, oooh I better spice things up, but boring underwear all the time, I am a big pants fan….. 🙁

  21. I haven’t bought any new undies in ages. I like a particular type of wire-free bra made in the US and so the last time I went on a business trip there I bought myself several dozen and I’m still working my way through them.

  22. Can’t remember when I last bought pretty, special underclothes. Bought some pants from Matalan on Sat. practical and boring hahah

  23. l brought some a month ago. I find its harder now with the shops having different sizing issues l don’t enjoy shopping for it as much as l used too.

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