Why you shouldn’t bother running ads on your blog through an ad network

ads on your blog

I’ve had quite a few people ask me of late – what do you think about running banner ads on your blog through a network? Which network do you use. Quite frankly, I think it all sucks.

It’s not because they look ugly – although yes, for the most part they do. It’s that honestly, they bring in such a pathetically tiny amount of revenue….we’re talking totally laughable…maybe £20 a month if you’re damn lucky. Pfffft!

And no, it doesn’t matter which advertising platform you go with – I have experimented with a whole bunch and the truth is, what you get back it absolutely abysmal.

The bottom line is, unless you are getting bajillions of hits a day, it just doesn’t make sense. That’s the reduced version – if you want to take a look at all the nitty gritty here’s a great break down of how much traffic you need to make a decent amount of money here. Now I’m not being funny but you can make that in a single sponsored post which takes half an hour to write. You can also do that from selling you own ad spaces direct.

On top of that, banner ads through networks can really vary in terms of how they can look and some just look totally SHOCKING and quite frankly undermine the whole look of your blog. They just look WRONG, even if they do look slick and are usually quite irksome to your readers….and yourself, if you’re really being honest about things.

The other thing is, when you have banner ads through a network, you become annoyingly distracted by them and what they are earning you, even though they are earning you next to nothing – you waste time checking your earnings when you could be using that time to drum up great content or developing other revenue streams. They are just another set of stats to drive you up the wall. Better just sell one of your spaces to someone you’ve already worked with at a set rate. Everyone’s happy.

So the upshot? As tempting as it might seem, from someone who has been there and done that, when it comes to banner ad networks….seriously, just don’t bother. Instead, focus on drumming up income from native advertising on your blog and selling you ad spaces direct if you can…because when it comes to earnings, its sponsored posts and directly sold ad spaces, if you so plesase….which is really where it’s at.

Why you shouldn't bother running ads on your blog through an ad network

Do you bother with banner advertising networks? Or are you considering trying out banner advertising networks on your blog? Do share your thoughts in a comment below.

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  1. Very useful thank you. I haven’t used banner ads on my website. But I did a few years ago with a different one and it gave me so little money. It just wasn’t worth it for how it looked on my site. I am not a fan of pop ups, nor things that don’t belong.

  2. I’ve only used Google Adsense and barely make anything. I’m trying affiliate banners now to see if I make more. I just have one Google ad in my footer now and it makes me £60 per year! Bah ha ha! Not much, but I kind of don’t mind one in just my footer. I forget it’s there. People who make loads from ads must have a million visitors a day.

  3. It does depend on your visitor count, I do have banners but (I think) they are quite discrete and I choose where to put them…I don’t like them right in the middle of posts, but I guess that’s one of the most effective places. £20 a month is £240 a year if you leave it to add up.

  4. I set up Google adsense about 18 months ago and yes, the return has been abysmal. I keep meaning to cancel it all together but I don’t think I’ve even earned enough to be able to deposit the amount that’s in there! But I don’t want to walk away from it either…I hate the way they look on the mobile version of my site and I would definitely tell any other blogger not to bother (unless they have humongous stats) I think the same can be said for affiliate programmes too to be honest xx

  5. I had a bash at this when I first went self hosted last year. My site looked like a jumble sale and it earned me a grand total of 19p. Swiftly deleted that bad boy. I couldn’t agree with this more. Thanks for hosting #coolmumclub lovely xx

  6. I hadn’t tried as I didn’t want to make my site unattractive, but did wonder if I was missing out. You’ve put my mind at ease – I shall definitely not bother now!! #dreamteam

  7. I couldn’t agree more – for what it’s worth they also slow down the opening of a site too which is enough to make you bounce right off again and frankly really really irritating when you want to read the content!

    Glad you have seen the light – your site looks so much better without 😉

    Onwards and upwards! #coolmumclub

  8. Thanks for your advice. I have never had banner ads because I don’t like what they do to the look and feel of a blog, but I had always thought that they would be easy money…it turns out not.

    pen x #coolmumclub

  9. This is a really good post for a newish blogger. I was looking at this and wondered how much I would make but it sounds like I wouldn’t make much at all as I don’t get enough hits. Thank you. #coolmumclub

  10. I tried it for a while and always placed them at the bottom of the post which probably is the least likely place to get clicks but I didn’t want to distract from the post. I’ve since stopped using them x

  11. Personally I find some ads really off putting on people’s sites and have in the past considered not even repining their content due to them. #coolmumclub

  12. I have a few adverts on my sidebar for things like ELC, the Works etc. but I dont actually think i’ve earned anything from it! for me it just makes my page look good with adverts on the side like most sites do hahaha! whoops!
    I agree with sponsored posts though, definitely worth doing that rather than spam your post with ads that look hidious! #coolmumclub

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