Win £300 for your child this Spring to put in an Orbis Access Junior ISA

Win £300 for your child

As parents, the list of things we have to worry about is seemingly endless (argh I’m literally sweating bullets just thinking about them!), and usually these are more to do with the day to day of keeping a family together, clothed, fed, happy and functioning. But how often do we actually sit down and worry about the financial future of our children?

For me – certainly not as much as I should. Yet I know worrying about the financial future of our children has never been more important. So let’s get real here. The cost of having one child alone is pegged at £231,833 making it more expensive than the average house. Holy moly, I think I need to sit down.

But despite knowing this startling fact, I have been admittedly pretty rubbish to date at turning my attention to years down the line – when I know things will really come home to roost. The fact of the matter is, that in today’s costly world, our children are going to need more financial support well into early adulthood than ever before – yup, we have heftier tuition fees, shocking property prices and higher general living costs to thank for that. And if you really start thinking about things, it feels like we might very well be paying for our kids for ever. Gah!

So I’m starting to think that perhaps sticking my head in the sand is no longer the best approach, but taking action to ensure the financial future well-being of my child IS, especially because there is a striking link between debt, stress and a decline in mental health.

I’ve decided that the way forward rather than thinking about a big hairy scary figure which seems totally un-achievable to me from here is to make a start now, however small it may be, to start building a nest egg for our child.

The key I think for most parents to ensure any kind of future financial security for your children is little and often. We all have monthly direct debits for all sorts of things coming out of our accounts, and I think the way forward is to adopt a strategy where, you see it just like another monthly direct debit – where you put something in regularly, month in, month out. And of course, this will be different for every parent. Even £100 might sound too much, so let it be £50, £20, £10, £5 or whatever you can manage…because in this game, something is always better than nothing.

So the upshot?

I have stuck my stick in the sand and applied to open a Junior ISA with Orbis Access. There’s no use sitting on the fence…it’s a lot less scary and a heck of a lot more simpler than you think and quite frankly….the time is now because:

  • There’s no charge for opening the Junior ISA
  • Any money invested in the first 12 months will be invested free of fund management fees for the entire life of the account in their fee free offer – that means up to 18 years of savings. Hurrah!
  • You can start with as little as £1 – the final push I needed!

And in the spirit of getting everyone else in the same mentality,  the lovely folk at Orbis Access are helping  parents to secure the financial future of their children by  giving you the chance to win a contribution of £300 which will be invested into an Orbis Access Junior ISA for your children.  Now there’s really no excuses! So how can you enter?

Well it’s incredibly simple really…..

To enter, sign-up here to receive the Orbis Access monthly newsletter and updates.

You should be aware that when investing, your capital is at risk. Approved for issue in the United Kingdom by Orbis Access (UK) Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Click here to view the terms and conditions for this prize draw.

Best of luck everybody xoxo!

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  1. You can never start too soon when it comes to saving for your child’s future – whether it’s for college, a wedding fund, or just a lump sum to help them out. I agree that those little monthly payments might not seem much, but when you consider how much you’ll have after 18 years of this, it could be quite a nice little sum. And as you said, anything is better than nothing!
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  2. I am definitely in the burying my head in the sand camp! I know that we need to start saving for our children’s future, there is some ridiculous statistic about the age that children will leave the family home in 20 years time. The property market is the biggest problem. My parents have opened an account for both our girls and put money in them every birthday and christmas. But we need to do something too and I know that one day way into the future we will be pleased we did. x

  3. so pleased you’ve high lighted this. I began saving for my older boys when they were babies and my 16 year old will have enough to buy himself his 1st car later this year. Schemes like this help to no end and seeing that figure you’ve quoted on the cost of raising a child is terrifying!

  4. I started saving for BattleKid’s future when he was just 4 months old and he’s got quite a nice nest egg building up. Like you suggested we set up a direct debit so don’t miss it. He also has a second bank account for money he saves in his piggy bank and for money he receives as presents. That too is building up nicely!

  5. I work in the finance industry and completely agree that the earlier the better from a starting point of view. Saying that Monkey has an ISA but Kipper doesn’t. I really need to organise one for him. I also know that the grandparents put money away from them too. Hopefully that means they will be able to afford to get on the housing ladder one day xx
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  6. Being married to an accountant means we are great savers haha! All three of our children have ISAs set up and every birthday and Christmas we put money in. HIs Grandma did the same for him as a baby and he was able to fund himself through university with the money.

  7. My little one was given money when she was born & for her first Christmas, I keep meaning to open an account for her as a little nest egg for the future. The possibility of the extra £300 is the push I need to get it done 🙂

  8. My nan set up mine and my brothers isas as kids, but my parents never saved loads into it, we had about £450 when we turned 18, my eldest already has that at 3 and my daughters is nearly at a couple of hundred at 4months old too. I think it’s so important.

  9. Thanks for sharing this great competition, and info on this account – it looks good. We’ve got an account for my son, it’s such an important thing for us to do as parents.

  10. Entered for my youngest son as my other two have junior ISA already and need to do something for my other son.

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