Dear chin hair….we need to talk: Aka a story of women’s facial hair


women's facial hairWell, well, well….if it isn’t you again my dear old friend….the chin hair.

I thought things between you and I were over but oh no…far from it. Because one day I find you have been skulking under my chin once more, waiting for the appropriate time to reveal yourself to the world as one big hair curl. Didn’t you learn from what happened to your friend on my cheek?

Oh but what a coward you are! You’ve been so busy hiding in the shadows, growing round in one big curly loop rather than just coming straight out with it but ha! I’ve got you now….right where I want you, under my bathroom light, brandishing a pair of Tweezermans.

Isn’t revenge sweet? While you have silently been shaming me to anyone who’ll notice you in the cold hard light of day, too ashamed to come and say it straight to my face, now the last laugh is on me.

Yes I see you there….quivering with fear….knowing that your days are numbered as I reach in with my pincers to extract you for one last time. Don’t make this more painful than it has to be…..You and I know this will be much easier if you just submit.

Ha! I got you.

Look at you now you pathetic little chin hair. Not so audacious now that you’re lying limp and rootless in my sink, about to banished to the world beyond the plughole thanks to my sidekick the tap and its supply of water.

But before I do, I want to look you in the root and tell you this – if any of your other surreptitious hairy friends ever have the same idea to make a mockery of this or any other part of my visage where insanely long hairs should never have the audacity to grow then THIS WILL BE THEIR FATE TOO!

Take it away water.

Do you have an ongoing battle with rogue facial hairs? Is it time to wage all out war on them?

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