Work and fitness: How can you find the right balance?

Do you find trying to fit in work and fitness so utterly hard? If so, you’re definitely not alone. Being busy with work and going to the gym does not seem to mix well anymore these days. People are getting busier juggling between their work and social life. With family time added into the schedule, there just seems to be no time at all to exercise. Can work and fitness really co-exist?

It’s not as if we can just skip work to lift some weights or run a few laps. Working a 9 to 5 job keeps our bills paid and our tummies full. However, we shouldn’t take our fitness for granted. In fact, studies show that doing a physical activity every day improves our health in the long run and helps reduce the risk of diseases that cause us to harm such as heart diseases. Moreover, exercise even helps us become more productive at work. 

So how can we maintain a healthy balance between being a dedicated employee and maintaining a healthy lifestyle?  Here are some tips for allowing both work and fitness to be a part of your life.

Changing the Way You Work Out

Don’t be pressured doing the workout routines you see celebrities do on TV. You do not really need to spend 5 or 6 days per week hitting the gym. It is just not logistically possible if you are working a regular job and have a family in the mix.

It is actually possible to still remain strong and healthy without spending so much time lifting weights and doing cardio. Here are ways to change your workout to fit your busy schedule. 

Workout at Home

The simple task of heading to the gym can require so much time and effort because you have to take a chunk out of your busy day to even step inside a fitness centre. As an alternative, you can do your workouts at home.

There are many circuit exercises that you can do in small spaces. If you want the workout to be more intense, lessen the repetition for each set but decrease the rest per set in between. You can also lessen the rests in between each routine if you really want to boost the intensity. 

Studies have proven that shorter training sessions that are very intense are more effective than hour-long sessions with small impact intensity. 

Love the treadmill? Jog around your neighbourhood instead. Studies show that taking in fresh air while jogging in clean environments is so much better than heaving in an enclosed gym where everyone is sweating. You can even multitask by bringing your pet dog along with you.

If you enjoy lifting weights at the gym, it may be time to invest in weights for yourself in your home. Instead of a gym membership, buying your own weights can actually be beneficial. If your budget is tight, there are plenty of exercises that utilize your body weight. 

Making your workout shorter gives you more time to work and do other things as well. 

Workout at Work

We do not mean setting out your exercise mat and start lifting weights in your office cubicle. What we mean is getting small spurts of exercises done while in your workstation. Here are some workouts you can do. 

  • Stand up for a few hours instead of sitting down all day on your office chair. This helps blood circulation and promotes better posture. 
  • If allowed, consider walking around the office every few hours or so. This also means that when you need to talk to a colleague in another department, consider walking over to his workstation instead of calling him over the phone. Another example is to take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Do some leg lifts while sitting down. To add more intensity, you can even add weights. 
  • Do squats. Forget judging eyes, doing squats and a few lunges at work can help you keep your body active while still being professional. 
  • Do basic stretches. You can do simple yoga poses too. Stretching your body keeps you awake and your blood circulating. It also helps with not getting those cramps sitting all day!
work and fitness

Meal Prep

Now that you have more time to do other things because you decrease your workout time, you should consider preparing your meals.  In this way, you are able to monitor what goes into your body and you can cook up healthier meals for yourself. It also helps you save money! 

Try cooking a simple meal the night before to bring with you to lunch at work. It makes all the difference with your health. 

You can also take supplements that help burn fat to promote weight loss. A recent study has shown that taking weight loss pills can help induce fat burn! 

Do Some Meditation

Taking a few minutes out of your day to do some yoga or breathing exercises promotes circulation in the mornings and relaxation in the evenings. It also helps you worry less about your day and remain calm throughout. 

Get Enough Sleep

Many people who work and exercise forget that sleep is an important part of fitness. When you get a good night’s sleep, you are able to function better the next day. This is why you should turn off your gadgets a few hours before sleeping. This method rests your eyes and mind, making you calmer. When you are calmer, you get to sleep better. 

Determine Your Goals and Set Them

Now that you have fixed your habits and set your workout time, it is time to set what you want to achieve. You can write it down on a piece of paper or in the notes on your phone. The most important part is that it is visible to you at all times possible. 

Setting your goals helps you take better action of what you want to achieve. So, start with multiple small goals. Things such as exercise 3 times this week, eat vegetables each day or lose half a pound per month. After setting these small goals, you can start hitting larger ones. For example, lose 5 kilograms in 2 months. The next thing you know, you have already shed that weight off and feel great!

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Final Thoughts

Your lifestyle shouldn’t be about choosing just one between being productive at work and doing your fitness routine, as you can opt to incorporate both work and fitness in your life. Balancing work and fitness may seem like a daunting task but with the tips we had just mentioned, you can definitely strike a good balance. Staying happy and healthy should be your priority. 

Do you find it challenge to fit in work and fitness? Do leave a comment below.


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  1. So I work full-time and found that going home to workout just didn’t work for me either as by the time I get home, there’s still so much that needs to get done as well as spending some precious time with the kids. My solution? I go to the gym on my lunch break. Do a 30-40 minute workout then eat my lunch at my desk on those days. As well as this, my fitbit reminds me to take 250 steps every hour so when it vibrates on my wrist, I get up and walk anywhere until it vibrates again to tell me I’ve completed my 250 steps. It gets me away from the screen as well!

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