The world’s most expensive cars

most expensive cars

There is something breathtaking about expensive cars and having just come back from seeing the Lord Pembroke’s impressive collection of cars gathered from around the world it made me wonder….what makes a car expensive? What kind of road does a car have to have traveled down for it to be considered one of the most iconic and expensive cars in the world? Imagine if you were the owner of one of the world’s most expensive cars? Imagine. Many of them live in private collections where they rarely see the light of day, let alone any actual people. Car guys and gals love to spend their money on these vehicles and then hide them away for their own enjoyment. Some expensive cars are just so because they are the only ones on the planet. Imagine! Owning an actual, one-of-a-kind car. Some of the price tags on these vehicles go so high; they might as well be priceless. But as with anything mankind creates, there is a price attached to it. And people are willing to pay more for rare and unique.

There was a time, not that long ago, that the Ferrari 250 GTO, sold for a recorded $38 million dollars. It’s not a production car, so the rarity of it alone makes it worth more than the average car. But this car was something special: it was built for Stirling Moss, a world-renowned Formula One racecar driver. Not too shabby!

As for production cars, it’s hard to even pronounce these makes and models. But you better believe they are worth a fortune in their own right. I bet your first guess was Lamborghini, right? You’d be wrong…by about $300,000 dollars. The most expensive production car in the world today is the Trevita, coming in at around $4.8 million dollars. Lamborghini runs a tight second at $4.5 million dollars for its 2017 Veneno. Way beyond the stuff of my mum dreams.

Looking at something a little more affordable and attainable to the average car aficionado, the rare out-of-production cars that come to mind are American classics like the ZL1 Camaro which demands a $1 million dollar price tag at auction. The Dodge Coronet convertible fetches $250,000 at auction, and what makes it so appealing to the public is that only two were manufactured each model year. There aren’t many of these puppies roaming the roads anymore. Somehow that almost seems affordable compared to the above folly!

Getting back to Ferrari, the rarest of all the models ever manufactured is the Ferrari 250 GT Spyder Convertible. There was only one ever made. What makes it even more spectacular is that it is still owned by the original purchaser. Estimations place this vehicle around the $10 million dollar mark, but considering its rarity and one-owner characteristic, it could bring much more, experts say.

The world of automobiles is full of surprises and beautiful cars. The more rare, the more money they cost. But of course, like all things in life, it is the value we place on them that makes them fetch millions of dollars. It’s a cultural fascination and one that doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. It’s evident in the revival of reproduction style cars such as classic cars like the Dodge Charger and Challenger. People love the nostalgia of being able to drive a reproduction of the original cars they grew up with, so imagine how much they would be willing to spend to have the actual cars they grew up with!

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  1. My husband would love this as he is a real petrol head, He couldn’t believe a reply I once gave, I was chatting to a male friend about our car, an M.G he asked if it was an M.G f or a midget, I didn’t know so said it’s a green one!

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