3 benefits of roller skating for children

benefits of roller skating for children

As a child, I spent countless afternoons careering around on my roller skates so much so that they practically became a part of me. And now, I’m keenly counting down the days to summer so that I can start a new tradition with my own daughter who I hope will share the same love of roller skating with me with her very own Proline Skates. But apart from being a bucket load of awesome fun, what are some of the benefits of roller skating for children? Let’s take a look here:

Physical benefits

In today’s sedentary world, anything that gets children active is a winner in my book. Once your little one gets more confident and beyond the stumbling phase, roller skating can become a great and regular aerobic activity for them. Not to mention the fact that it helps to strengthen their legs whilst being easy on the joints. Rollers skating is also a great way for them to improved on balance and coordination.

Feel good factor

I remember that once I got those skates on that even if I was in the foulest of moods, being on those skates and feeling free and mobile without a care in the world would turn my frown upside-down in an instant. I mean, have you even seen a moody looking person on roller skates? And let’s face it…rocking it on skates also makes you feel totally fierce and all children could do with that confidence boost couldn’t they?

It can be done anywhere

No there’s no having to schlep down to a tennis court, or an ice rink, or sports field. Roller skates can literally be strapped on and used right from your front door which is a major win both for overscheduled children and also parents who don’t have to schlep them around!

So I say seeing as the 80s is set to have a bit of a renaissance this Spring on the catwalk anyway, I say let’s bring back the awesomeness of roller skating and create the next generation of cool roller skating dudes and dudettes!

Do your children roller skate? Or perhaps you’re thinking of getting them into roller skating? Do leave a comment below and share.

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