You blow me away: A 2nd birthday dedication

Emi birthday thank you

It’s true, that mostly I write about the ARGHHHH moments of motherhood, but of course nobody would be a mother if they weren’t counterbalanced (although perhaps not always equally!) by the sweetest most heart warming moments too.

There is no better time to reflect on those moments than on a birthday when you can truly marvel at the progress of this amazing entity that once grew within you. With the arrival of her 2nd birthday, there have been so many things that have blown me away about my little girl, and so this is a birthday dedication celebrating all those things.

Dear E,

Here are 10 ways you blow me away…

1. You’re a walking, talking, singing, dancing repetoire of nursery rhymes. It tickles and warms my heart all day long.

2. You’re always Ook Ook Ooking! (translation: Look!). You see everything there is to see, you wonder, you marvel. Life is like one big safari and I love coming along for the ride.

3. You’re the original counting machine and can count to 20 already. Holy moly girl!

4. You are the hostess with the most-est when hosting a stuffed animal tea party, flitting around like a social butterfly in your make believe world.

5. You are a mean dancer with some moves to challenge Worzel Gummage (think scarecrow Twerking).

6. You are a walking boombox of squeals, squeaks and shrieks when you’re happy, you know it and so does everyone else!

7. You are a proper conversationalist – yes we have conversations! My heart wants to explode when you string the words together in your kooky toddler chatter to tell me about the world as you see it.

8. You are the tickled one turned tickle monster!

9. You are a mini walking comedy sketch. You’ve got flavour, you’ve got game and you absolutely know it!

10. You are all these things are more…the sum of which blows me away.

Happy 2nd birthday little one – may you continue to blossom and flourish now and forever.
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