Future parenting trends: Being a parent in the year 2050

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I had a bizarre thought the other day. What would parenting look like in the year 2050? Would we have the same parent problems? Or would our parental woes and parenthood pains be eased by an army of robots at our beckon? I like to lean towards the latter. So imagine if you will, life as a parent in the year 2050, as predicted by a team of very highly skilled future forecasters at Real Deal HQ who cordially present to you their future parenting trends:

Screen time worries will be thing of the past

In fact, there will be no screens…your sproglets will merely connect their brains up direct to a crazy land of stimulation opportunities, rendering the TV, ipad, and basically all electronic things they are supremely annoying about, a thing of the past. Other good news on this front is that all these incredible entertainment options available at the end of a cable will make that soul sucking phenomenon that is soft play…a thing of the past. Β Hurrah!

You won’t care how much mess they make

Not because lobotomies have been made mandatory for all parents to survive the course of parenthood, but because you will have an army of robots to sweep the floor, pick up random bits of pain-inducing Lego, and peel yesterday’s breakfast off the floor at the touch of the button. Score!

You will finally become the domestic goddess you always wanted to be

Holy moly! How is this possible unless we have all been hit by a comet by this point and are residing in heaven? Picture this – all your devices will link directly to your brain meaning that you only need to think the word “pancakes” and “put a wash on” for that to happen. Simply tickle your neurons with the idea of “bedtime” and the “bedtime robot” kicks into action and swiftly whisks all your little beans into bed, tucking them in so efficiently that they can barely itch their bottom in their sleep, let alone come and give you a midnight visit. Amazeballs!

You will no longer need to deal with your sleep deprivation

How is this physically possible?? I hear you all clambering to ask! Because by then there will be a pill to make sure your body’s sleep needs have been met synthetically instead of having to actually find the time to lie down to sleep meaning that you finally have all the time in the world to balance motherhood with your career and personal life. Huzzah!

Parental politics will be almost entirely eradicated

Yes! Finally you won’t have to face up to all those fakers in the playgound because children will go to school on a network of human conveyor belts making the school run a thing of the past. Rejoice!

Discipling your child won’t be an issue

By the year 2050, we will have all gone so free-range that families are practically one big farmyard, and who needs to discipline animals anyway?

Independence comes early

You won’t be worried about whether you are giving your child enough independence because our tots will have become so advanced by then that they will live in their own penthouse flat raking it in in the city as a CEO by the time they are five years old. Therefore, the cost of raising your children will no longer be an issue as it will be – in fact – they who are supporting you! Watch all unrealistic expectations finally be attained as you quietly step to one side and faint.

Do you think these predictions have any hope in hell of being true? What else would your in-house future forecasters predict?

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  1. This made me laugh! I think I want to live in the future! Can we all freeze ourselves and wake up in the future? Looks pretty awesome to me. Kind of like The Jetsons??

  2. Ha – this is VERY funny! Part of me wants to see this happen, another part of me really doesn’t! Although sleep deprivation being a thing of the past really would be welcomed! #coolmumclub

  3. Parenting will be a doddle for me in 2050 but only because my children will be in their mid to late thirties and I hear that’s when it gets easier.

    Looking forward to my robot cleaner. That bit had better be true.

  4. Yep the robot cleaner sounds good but I don’t want anything getting plugged into my brain, that sounds too matrix for me πŸ™‚ #coolmumclub

  5. oh i giggled my way through this – robots are the way – i’m just smiling to myself at the other roles as a wife/mother etc that i may ask my personal robot to do! The sleep thing is genius and … the connecting kids brains up to some other simulation world … well quite frankly i think you’re on to something – go make your millions my lovely before anyone else does – can’t be that difficult surely?!

  6. Do e really have to wait until 2050 for all this? I’ll probably be a granny by then and won’t need to worry anyway. Thus is very funny, I hope it all comes true, I would love a cleaning robot xx #coolmumclub

  7. Did you catch any of that programme ‘Back in time for the weekend’? Hubby and I were left wondering where on earth the last decade or two have gone…and what the hell the future holds! Digital age is moving so fast it’s scary…God only knows what our kids will be doing when they are parents..

  8. hilarious! though, whilst I cant wait to become a domestic goddess and have robot cleaners, I think id still like to do bedtime and keep my baby at home longer than 5 years lol

  9. Hopefully the invention of pick n mix that contains all your daily requirements for a healthy balanced diet will have put an end to tea time battles too! #coolmumclub

  10. This is absolutely brilliant! As someone who can’t cook I particularly like the concept of thinking ‘brownies’ and them appearing! And not cleaning would be a delight. #coolmumclub

  11. Oh yes! I would LOVE the cleaning robots. How amazing would it be to just think of the washing being done and getting home to it all washed, ironed and put away?! I need this in my life now!! Thanks for hosting #coolmumclub

  12. This is hilarious! If this comes true you can tell your kids you predicted that their parenting days would be a lot easier than yours, LOL! This makes me think of the Jetsons! #coolmumclub

  13. I’ve been watching that Back in Time For The Weekend series on the BBC and the family seemed so much happier in the 60s and 70s – I wouldn’t be surprised if we revert back to how things used to be by 2050x #coolmumclub

  14. I’ve often wondered how technology will have movedone on by 2050, our smartphones will be a thing of a past. I wish that there was something already here to do the washing, hoovering etc….I look forward to a blog post in the future looking back at these predictions. Thanks for hosting. Claire X #coolmumclub

  15. Brilliant, especially loving the idea of robots. Anyone got a housework robot that needs testing? Send it in my direction! Thank you for hosting #coolmumclub x

  16. Sounds great, need a time machine so I can take advantage of no more sleep deprivation, although I quite like sleeping though it is the only time I don’t have someone asking me things πŸ™‚ My husband keeps saying he reckons we will have chips in our brains and won’t have screen time anymore too – what a thought! #coolmumclub

  17. One of the best posts ever!! I was taken straight to my happy place at the thought of no soft play, enough sleep, no playground fakery, well… Just all of it! I want my life to be like this NOW!!!! Amazing!!

  18. The sleep pill, OMG I need this now! It is scary to think of the world our children will grow up in… Jemma x #coolmumclub

  19. I do love the idea of cleaning robots! Of course I have my own version of those here, they’re called BP and LP – they have a chore list now – and they’re not happy about it!!
    Great post as usual Talya. xx

  20. Soumds like you had great fun thinking about this lol. Your predictions on parenting in 2050 sound both brilliant and terrifying at the same time!


  21. Haha – this all sounds like a lot of fun! I am concerned that you have now created for yourself what happened to Back to the Future last year (you know, when everyone wanted to know where the bloody hoverboards were) – in 2050, everyone will be harassing you wanting to know what happened to the parental lobotomies! #coolmumclub

  22. Oh my goodness. No mess? No sleep deprivation?! You are so wonderful to have an optimistic take on what parenting will look like in the future – this has cheered me up and is definitely going to keep me going (it may or may not encourage me to have more children too if I can grandparent with those things in my life!!) Thanks for posting and hosting πŸ™‚ #coolmumclub

  23. You had me at ‘army of robots to sweep the floor’. I need a time machine and a bottle of bubbles for the journey, right now. Good one x #coolmumclub

  24. I NEED that sleeping pill right now!! And also a cleaning robot, if I have to sweep up or Hoover one more crumb I’m going to lose my (already fragile) mind! Xx #coolmumclub

  25. Eeek! I’m equal parts excited and freaked out by these predictions!
    Sleep pill: yes!
    Robots everywhere and brains plugged into networks…yikes!!
    Although if someone could invent some way of taking care of the laundry, I’d be fully supportive!!

  26. This would all be amazing, I think I need all of them in my life now, well the sleep and domestic goddess ones for sure. PS sorry this is a bit late, I had very good intentions but we have been moving house and it has been total choas. #coolmumclub

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