How to grow your Twitter followers to 10,000 (without buying them)

grow twitter followers

So this is it….the moment I have been waiting for…I have finally made it to 10,000 followers. The holy grail. The mac daddy! To put things in perspective, I joined twitter with my MTRD account in January 2015, so it’s be a fair old slog. But now it’s time to celebrate, and as a big woop woop to that milestone, I’m sharing with you how I got there (at least, how I think anyway!):

1.Tweets going out round the clock

No I don’t mean dosing yourself up on a bajillion cups of coffee and pulling an all nighter every night – I mean using a plug in like Revive Old Post that will make the most out of your content by feeding it through your Twitter right around the clock (hey because there’s always someone looking at your Twitter somewhere in the world!). I set mine to post out every hour which might sound extreme but if you think about how much appears on someone’s Twitter feed in an hour, is entirely necessary for you to be seen and heard.

2. Content was my king

I’ve said this time and time again, but content really is king. If you’re putting out a load of self-centered drivel that nobody can relate to then quite honestly – people are more likely to unfollow you than follow you. Great quality content is not only essential for blog growth, but also the key to growth on Twitter – and for me, that was a not-so secret recipe of humorous, useful, engaging, daring, relatable, incisive and trend related content. Read: you need to stand out from the crowd

3.Supporting and retweeting others

I can not emphasize the importance of this. Twitter gives back what you put in and if you are going to be a selfish island, your Twitter growth will be SLOOOOOW! But if you dish out the love, then trust me – the love will surely be dished back to you. Set up a Twitter list of fellow bloggers you love and retweet them. Join in with Twitter RT groups like the ones of UK Awesome Bloggers and Blogger Club UK. Join in and RT others on hashtags like #SundayBlogShare & #MondayBlogs and check out this list for inspiration for other hashtags you can join in on.

4.Tweeting others your content – but be careful not to spam!

If you’ve written a post about something you think a fellow member of the Twittersphere will find useful or insightful, or perhaps you’d like to start a discussion on something, by all means Tweet them. This is where the beauty of Twitter engagement can be at its finest but PLEASE do not go randomly spamming people – sit back and think – will they really want to see this?

5.Using hashtags

Without hashtags, you have very little hope of anyone finding your Tweets unless they happen to already follow you. I am a brazen user of hashtags and if you don’t know what hashtags to use, there are loads of research tools out there like which can help you out on that.  Also look at what hashtags are trending for that day on Twitter and see if you have any content that relates to them then schedule up some tweets using your preferred scheduling tool (mine is Tweetdeck).

6.Getting involved in linkies

I know there is a lot of chat about whether linkies are worth it, or if they bring you any traffic yadda yadda, but apart from the fact they help to boost you DA, if you are trying to pull yourself up the Twitter pecking order and are being retweeted by someone who has 10,000 followers (eherm, like me), then this is going to help you get in front of a whole lot of potential followers when they RT you. If you’re a total nutter (like me), you can even start your own linky….while this is a heck of a lot of effort (speaking from experience as a #coolmumclub co-host), they are a killer way of ramping up your Twitter following too if done right.

7.Having a strong voice

Lets face it, Twitter is a busy old place and you need to stand out, but how? As well as having killer content to feed through your Twitter account, you also need to have a strong voice because your Twitter is an extension of you and your brand. So for me, that’s about being sassy, wry and informative all at the same time, for you, it might be something else. Get noticed, or wither.


Obviously with 10,000 followers it can be hard to keep track of all RTs and shares but as much as possible I have always made an effort to thank who I can and reply to as many tweets as possible. If people feel they are getting radio silence from you, or that you don’t care that they are tweeting you, the twitter love will soon dry out, and your Twitter…like everything..should be thought of as a community which needs nurturing.  Also although it’s far from ideal at the very least you can use an app to thank high value community members like, which is better than nothing if you really struggle with this.

9. Asking people to share your blog posts via Twitter

You would think that having a Twitter button at the end of your post would just get people to share your content but noooooo! If you want your stuff shared on Twitter and therefore to get it in front of potentially lots of other followers you need to explicitly ask for it (I do this at the end of each blog post – see below!). Because, you know – it’s a busy world we live in!

10. Being dedicated

To grow your followers to a big amount, you should be using Twitter as one of your primary networks (best practice dictates that you should only ever be focusing on three at a time). You need to be living and breathing it….totally owning it, and seeing it as an extension of yourself (painful at times I know because Twitter can be a real B****, but worth it when you finally hit that 10,000!).

Are you looking for new ways to grow your Twitter following? Did you find these tips useful? Which of the above has worked for you? Do leave a comment and share. And if you’re looking to grow other social media channels check out this post about how I tripled my monthly Pinterest views.

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  1. This is really helpful to someone like me. I’ve had Twitter for years but always used my Facebook and never quite got to grips with twitter. Thanks for sharing your tips!!!

  2. Go girl! I’m tantalizingly close and and am unashamedly excited about it…it’s taken blood sweat and tears as you have quite rightly documented in this post. Wouldn’t it be fab If I was there by end of 2016? #goals 😉
    xxxx Well done honey, you deserve it.

  3. Well there is a lot here i am not doing so maybe that’s why just getting to a 1000 seems like a bloody hard slog at the moment. Firstly well done Talya – you are an inspiration and definitely work hard at it so well deserved. Secondly thank you am printing this off – yes I like bits of paper and will devour it over the Christmas period. On a blog break for December but the New Year is full of resolutions. x

  4. Wooo-hoo, well done on hitting 10k on Twitter, that is amazing! All fab tips and lots I can apply here. one I am rubbish at is tweeting others my post. I worry about making a pain of myself but like you say, just don’t be spammy. Happy Christmas lovely. #CoolMumClub

  5. These are great tips! I’ve used a couple already and the results are showing!;) I’m at 2k but hoping next year it will pop up twice as much! We’ll see;))

  6. I don’t even think I should be in the #coolmumclub as my goal is to get to 100 Twitter followers! But to be fair I tweet a few times a week and do not practice any of your good advice so this is the kick up the a*se that I need… Thanks x

  7. I found this so helpful! I only started using twitter when I started my blog back in August. It was a slow process at first because I was so used to facebook. Now I’m getting the hang of things it’s moving along a lot quicker.

    My target is 1000 by the end of year (I’m on around 830 atm) so I’ll definitely be putting your advice into practice. Fingers crossed I’ll reach my goal!


  8. Genuinely one of best posts ever on tweeting successfully. You are a one woman marketing company!
    I’ve been on twitter nearly 4 yrs and only 1700 followers. I was put off tweeting posts to others after one angry twerp, which shows how easy it is to be held back. For me anyway.
    I believe in my blog and am jolly well going to follow your formula and get out there some more. For every person I piss off I’ll hope for 20 who love what ive drawn and will be happy to follow. Thanks mucho mucho

  9. Well done on a fabulous milestone! I was so excited to hit 1k, I think I’d have a meltdown if I ever hit 10k!! Such great tips here, I find it really difficult to engage on twitter because I’m a talker and the character limit throws me ha! Engagement is definitely my downfall as I don’t always have time, but I will definitely take all these tips on board. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Congratulations on this awesome milestone! This post is so useful and packed with inspo. I really need to get better at using Twitter hashtags (my biggest audience is 11k on FB so I haven’t given Twitter the love it deserves)……first goal for January 2017 sorted! Thanks lovely. Merry Christmas and thanks for a year of awesomeness at the #coolmumclub Xxx

  11. Oh Talya, this is so helpful! MASSIVE congratulations on getting to 10k! That really is a huge achievement and, as this post shows, down to a lot of hard work and dedication.

    I joined Twitter in May when I started my blog, having never used it before. I had NO IDEA what I was doing so I’ve been making it up as I go along. My following has been growing (2.2k followers so far) but there are sooo many things on this list that I’d never even heard of (e.g. Twitter RT groups, Thank you so much for sharing all this info. #coolmumclub

  12. Congratulations on this huge milestone! I bet you’re so excited to see it going past the 10,000 mark!
    you have some really good tips here and I’m going to look into that plugin when I get self hosting next week eek!!! (right on top of Christmas I do give myself a challenge!)

  13. This is great advice, thank you for sharing! I only started blogging in August and just celebrated 900 followers, and I know there is so much more I could be doing, you’ve given me the motivation to try harder! x #coolmumclub

  14. Great tips, I didn’t know about #SundayBlogShare or #MondayBlogs so I’m definitely going to check them out, thank you x

  15. Congratulations on hitting the big 10k milestone Talya! Very well deserved might I add. Brilliant tips here – I love twitter as a blogger and it’s the one platform that I seem to be holding my own in, but my own personal twitter account only has 9 followers – and I think 6 of them are eggs? I should really use some of these tips!! Thanks for hosting #coolmumclub with such awesomeness all year and Merry Christmas xx

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