How to get more fibre in your diet #GetFussed

fibre in your diet

Fibre. It’s not exactly the most exciting of things in our lives, but did you you know you should probably be a lot more fussed about it than you currently are? I was recently invited to an event by Arla Fibre where I discovered that the UK government recommends we consume 30 grams of fibre each day but despite this, on average we only eat 18g. So why is it important that we get more fibre in our diet? Well, unless you want to be straining on the toilet every morning, getting the right about of fibre is important because it contributes to a balanced digestive system among other things.

Why is fibre important?

OK, so we’ve already established that fibre is important for our digestive system and therefore bowel movements but why else is fibre important? Here are a few additional reasons:

  • It helps you feel fuller for longer (therefore helping us to snack on naughties less!)
  • It can help improve cholesterol and blood sugar levels
  • It’s reported to help to prevent diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and even bowel cancer
  • It helps to feed good bacteria in our large intensities
  • It helps to remove toxins from our bodies more quickly

fibre in your diet

So what are sources of dietary fibre?

Thankfully, if you suspect you’re not getting enough dietary fibre currently in your diet, with a few small changes you can easily attain the recommended daily intake. Here are a few easy ways of getting more dietary fibre in:

  • Swap white rice/pasta/brown for brown rice/pasta/bread – brown always trumps white!
  • Swap cereal for oats – whether that be porridge or overnight oats and top with fibre packed fruit and nuts for an extra fibre kick.
  • Eat more pulses – these are a great source of fibre and are low cost too.
  • Leave the skin on your potatoes – yes, even in mash!
  • Eat more veg. Swap fruit snacks for veg snacks like apples for carrots, for example.
  • Be smart about your fruit – go for strawberries over grapes which are higher in fibre.
  • Know your nuts – cashews are higher in fibre than almonds.
  • Be wise about baking – swap sultanas/raisins for dates in recipes.
  • Swap store-bought pesto for home made pesto made with sesame seeds instead of pine nuts.
  • Power up your greens by switching from spinach to kale which is higher in fibre.

fibre in your diet

But let’s be realistic…life is busy and gets in the way sometimes. You can be forgiven for fibre being the last thing on your mind. And fibre can be a bit, well – bland, boring and unappealing despite it’s importance. But hold the phone! The good news is that there is a delicious new range of yogurts out in the shops – Arla Fibre – that taste great and are a great source of fibre (but without the texture of fibre meaning it goes completely unnoticed). Hurrah! So a fuss-free and tasty way of getting more fibre in your diet.

How to get more fibre in your diet

Available in supermarkets in four delicious flavours (Pineapple & Passionfruit, Raspberry, Strawberry and Blueberry, with a natural rendition soon on the way) and two sizes making them perfect for any time of day, these make great fibre fixes for busy people like us. And having tasted them myself I can say that they are really very tasty as well as being high in the good stuff so the perfect fibre switch.   You can find out more information on Arla Fibre here and follow them on Facebook at

fibre in your diet

Well I don’t know about you but I am definitely going to be a lot more fussed about my fibre intake going forward. Are you concerned about your fibre intake? Would you know if you were getting enough fibre each day or are you thinking about making some fibre swaps having read this? Do leave a comment and share.


fibre in your diet

*Disclosure: I was invited to attend this event by Arla Fibre and paid a fee for my time


  1. This sounds like a very yummy and tasty way of getting more fibre in one’s diet. I will have to look around and see if we have it here in Sweden

  2. I definitely need to increase my fibre intake, and this sounds like a yummy way to do so! I love yoghurt anyway, and these looks lovely.

  3. I’ve seen these yogurts recently and they sound great. I try to incorporate as much fibre in my diet as possible but it’s not always easy with a husband who hates greens and brown versions of rice, bread and pasta. I’m going to see if I can get hold of these here in Portugal.

  4. These yoghurts look yummy. I’m quite strict with the boys for cereal, and make sure we have porridge or natural yoghurt in the week with fruit and then on the weekend they can choose some of the more gimmicky stuff.

  5. I do need to have a better diet in general and getting more fibre would do me the world of good. These yoghurt sound like a delicious and easy way to just get that bit more fibre that you may need into your body. Will look out for these on my next shop.

  6. I love some of your suggestions for getting more fibre. I definitely need to get a little bit more fibre in my diet. x

  7. Great information! I have to say that although I love the skins on jacket potatoes and always cook my homemade chips and wedges with skins on, mash with skins left on is not something I’ve ever eaten! I am curious now! Totally agree about brown trumping everything, too. I always choose brown over white wherever possible and actually prefer the taste of brown bread!

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