Infographic Friday #2: An A-Z of things wished mums they had been told before motherhood

Well, thanks to all you lovely people who seemed to love and share my first parenting infographic last week (see here & thank you for not thinking it was totally pants…no tears in my tea yipee!). I’ve taken that – rightly or wrongly – as a sign that this is a good thing so welcome to a new series on the blog: Infographic Friday!

This week’s parenting infographic is a nod to one of my most read blog posts, and pretty much the first one I wrote which went viral – an A-Z of things mums wished they had been told before motherhood (check it out the full post here). So here is the truth all lovely and pretty looking ready for you to share the shit out of…

A-Z motherhood infographic

Happy Infographic Friday everybody!

Enjoyed this infographic? Read the full  post – An A-Z of things mums wished they’d been told before motherhood here.  


  1. Fab idea! Great points too. Feel so lucky to have people telling me this stuff before I find out the hard way – hopefully it will make the transition easier to accept.

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