#MyFiveThings by The Years Are Short: Five things I’d do on my ideal day

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Ahhh…your ideal day…the holy grail of every mum out there. But say if we actually got the chance to have our ideal day. What would it look like? Here to share her beautiful idea of an ideal day on this instalment of #MyFiveThings is Robyn who blogs over on The Years Are Short. 

I don’t know about you, but I spend quite a lot of time thinking about what my ‘ideal day’ would be like. This isn’t a new thing since becoming a mother, I’ve always been a daydreamer who’d sit at work wishing to be somewhere else. Maybe at the beach in summer, having a long walk, followed by cool drink and a quick dip (in my ideal world I have a bikini body and no aversion to cold water). In the winter my ideal day would involve the most compelling mystery novel ever written, a super-king sized bed with plump feather pillows, and a magic packet of Tims Tams (only The Best biscuit ever created).

I find it kind of reassuring that my ‘ideal day’ as a parent looks fairly similar to how it would have looked pre-parenthood. This must mean that the ‘real me’ is still in there somewhere right? Underneath the rapidly greying hair and wide yawns… Dreams are free and I’ve spent my free time today dreaming up the things I’d do on my ideal day.

Sleep late in a soundproof, locked-from-within room

I get so excited on the odd morning that I’m ‘off’ breakfast duty, and there’s a real prospect of a lie-in while someone else deals with the squealing and complaining, the toast and the Weetabix. But it doesn’t take long for that ‘can’t believe my luck’ feeling to wear off. My family conspires to make sure a restful sleep-in is nothing more than a wisp of possibility, disappearing as I reach for it. I could sleep next door and still hear my toddler’s signature squeal (trust me, I’ve asked the neighbours).

My well-meaning husband can never find this or that, or maybe needs to check that the consistency of the Weetabix is ok because the toddler won’t eat it. The dog roams from room to room, stopping in each one for a shake so vigorous that her big silly ears slap her around the face in the noisiest possible manner. I’m nearly tempted to soundproof the bedroom with egg cartons and put a slide lock on the inside of it.

Spend 90 minutes ‘getting ready’

It doesn’t matter if I plan to go anywhere or not, I’d just like 90 minutes to faff around, cleaning and preening. I’d decide upon something to wear, fingers-crossed that something from my pre-mummy days still fits. I think I have some make up somewhere from another life, when appearances mattered (somewhat).

At the end of 90 minutes I’d be the very best me I was ever able to be, not this kinky-haired, bare-faced, tank top and jeans wearing mummy-caricature. By kinky-haired I’m talking kinks, cowls and haphazard waves, not whatever is the latest in racy down-there grooming.

Have a meal out with some people I’m not related to

Apologies all relatives. Let’s be honest though, since the toddler came along, I’ve moved down in the family rankings by a factor of one. If I was able to have a meal out with some people I’m not related to, chances are good that I might get to talk about something other than my adorable toddler.

Or maybe not, because I love to talk about him as much as any relative does. Never mind, at least there would be hollandaise sauce, strong coffee and something with chocolate topping and/or chocolate filling to round it out.

Be there for all the fun stuff

Of course my ideal day would involve some time spent with my gorgeous trio: husband, toddler and dog. But since it’s my ideal day, I’ll just be there for the fun stuff. Rough and tumble on the floor, strolling around the harbour, story time – count me in!

Be somewhere else for all the dull stuff

As for the chores, the toddler meal times, the dealing with dog poo, and especially the meal prep & clean up – count me out! I’ll be somewhere else. Probably on a soft surface with that novel and packet of magic Tim Tams, with my fabulous unkinky hair, and sweet little caffeine buzz on.

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  1. Oh Robyn YES to all of these! I actually managed ALL of them this weekend for the first time since becoming a Mum – and I felt no guilt for having it all! x x

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