The ugly side of blogging

ugly side of blogging

I have to start this post saying that I love blogging, I really do…it has brought to me so many things – financial independence, flexible working, incredible fulfilment; brilliant friends and once in a lifetime experiences. However – there is an ugly side of blogging which sometimes pops up which can cast a shadow over all the good times – but hey, that’s life I guess.

Here are some of the ugly sides of blogging which I’ve experienced during my career as a blogger thus far:

Payment dodgers

Yup, the people who agree to do a piece of work with you and then when it comes to payment disappear off the face of the earth or worse still deny that they ever engaged into a work agreement with you in the first place! GRRRRRRR! While it’s tempting to let these numbers slide – for the greater good of blogging if you ever experience someone dodging payment then please have the guts to take them to the Small Claims Court to let them know that this sort of behaviour is absolutely unacceptable because the chances are if they’ve done it to you they are hurting a whole lot of other people in this unprofessional manner.

Trolls and haters

Haters will hate and you know what they say…if you have a troll it’s a sign that you’ve made it. I’ve written about trolls before. They can really put a downer things but just remember that these maligned so-called key board warriors are just a small minority trying to muddy the waters in a world where goodness actually does still prevail.

The companies who expect you to blog for nothing

Yes it’s true – there are truck-loads of massive companies with massive budgets who expect you to write about them for free, and who are totally ignorant to the fact that free doesn’t in fact pay your bills. Don’t be afraid to push back and let them know that fact! It can be massively dishearteneing. Hopefully one day all these companies will wake up to the fact that, yes bloggers should be paid for their work.

The backstabbers

Thankfully I haven’t yet experienced this one to date (that I know of anyway!) but sadly I know of too many incidents within the blogging community where bloggers have stabbed each other in the back or shut them out. For the most part the blogging community is a lovely supportive place but like in life, there are some people who prefer to put others down not lift each other up.

So what to do in the face of the ugly side of blogging? The answer: toughen up, be confident in your abilities and yourself and keep doing what you love doing well. Don’t let the ugly side of blogging get you down…simply turn around and face the sunshine instead.

Have you ever experienced the ugly side of blogging? Do leave a comment and share your experiences below.

Blog life: The ugly side of blogging

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  1. All so true, sadly. It’s the working for free one that gets me the most – I know blogging may ‘just’ be my hobby, but it takes (A LOT of) time, money and equipment (cameras, lighting, props etc.) to do each and every blog post. So doing that for free or for a product of very little value just isn’t fair. But unfortunately a lot of companies will try it still!

  2. I have been blogging for over 10 years, and in my experience there is always some kind of fight going around. Then it goes quiet, then there’ll be some other sort of kerfuffle further on down the road. I find that for me it’s best to disengage and not get caught up in that stuff at all. It’s never worth it, and ultimately all you end up doing is fueling it further.

  3. Luckily I’ve not really come across many of these just yet, but I am relatively new to blogging, but it’s great to know about these things so I can be aware in the future xx

  4. It’s the “oh sorry we’ve no budget, but we might on future projects if you work for free this time” that really tick me off. I’ve been paid a total of 4 times for work in my 3 years of blogging and those people were lovely to work with. But it’s the budget dodgers I can’t stand, especially when I know full well there’s budget. I don’t do it for the money but being rewarded for a job well done is nice!

  5. I’ve also had so many people email saying “We’ll pay you £15 for posting our post on your blog.” Why would I do that!? It’s actually offensive – I’ll post your crappy content for next to no money? I’ve actually stopped replying to those emails.

  6. I agree for the most part that blogging can be a wonderful and supportive community but you are right things can turn ugly sometimes. I had some bloggers being quite openly nasty to me after a disagreement and it was not nice at all. I am also currently chasing payments from quite a few companies as well which is frustrating! x

  7. Such a good post MMT. Blogging can also create pressure, FOMO and imposter syndrome. You’re so right. You have to focus on the positive things it brings. I think you also need to remind yourself of why you blog in the first place.
    I’ll be at BritMums. Can’t wait to see you guys.

  8. No we don’t have any budget for this advertising we are asking you to do for us, we just thought you would like to feature it. Ummm no. Although to the PR who didn’t have cash budget but paid me in Prosecco, I still think of you fondly and will indeed work for fizz 🙂 #coolmumclub

  9. Definitely have experienced the haters, have had to toughen up! Haven’t dipped my toe into the paid work world yet but am always shocked at how little some companies are prepared to offer bloggers for their time, effort and audience! #CoolMumClub

  10. Sadly there will always be positives and negatives, it sucks though that people expect a lot for nothing, when really some bloggers (I am not really high up and don’t have a huge following) but the ones who do have built an audience and so that is one reason why they should pay bloggers for sure because of how much they are promoting it whereas the company did it themselves won’t necessarily reach certain people X #Coolmumclub

  11. So far, I’ve been really lucky and only had companies expecting me to work for nothing! I’m sure the rest will come! #coolmumclub

  12. There’s an ugly side to everything if you look for it, luckily this list is very short! 🙂 I haven’t made it to this degree to have to deal with any of these negatives, so I’ll count my blessings that way haha. I think you’re right though, you do have to toughen up and just accept that some days will be better than others, but put it in the past and learn from these ugly truths! #coolmumclub

  13. I’m quite a new blogger but I’m always astounded at some of the vitriol you see online from one blogger to another. It’s like the playground all over again!

  14. Thanks for sharing this, its good to know what im getting myself into and that others have experienced the bad stuff too. I cant deal with people who put others down to build themselves up! I always hope Karma will sort them out! Hope you continue to never experience it x

  15. Some people are so rude! And I can’t be dealing with the drama llama. Thanks for the heads up as I forge my way into the world of blogging! #coolmumclub

  16. Loved this. I think there is the ugly side to blogging and vlogging. I remember feeling so upset when I got thumbs down I nearly stopped. Now I try to ignore it and move on xx

  17. I’ve not encountered any trolls yet (but have obviously just jinxed it now) but the companies who expect free advertising are a little hard to stomach! #coolmumclub

  18. Oh thank goodness for all the positives because the ugly side is pretty damn off-putting isn’t? I don’t like the undercurrent of negativity and backstabbing I hear of either – thta’s the one side of blogging that really saddens me as we are all just doing omething we love and tryingour best! Thrilled to be able to call you a blogging friend my lovely xx #coolmumclub

  19. I’ve not been in the blogging world for very long so feel I can’t push back when companies say they have no budget. But even with a new website, I’m still putting time and effort into things so I just really need to woman up and stand my ground. I’ve noticed that the blogging community is mostly amazingly supportive and nice but I have come across a few bitchy remarks and negativity that made me sigh. It’s a shame when others try to tear down people’s work just because they do it differently to them. Brilliant post xx #coolmumclub

  20. I’ve noticed how lovely other bloggers are…only had a few other steal ideas from me but I suppose you have to be flattered when that happens…’s like the girl at school who comes dressed in exactly your outfit….they must think you’re something otherwise they wouldn’t do it. I’ve had a few troll type comments but otherwise all positive people. I haven’t dipped my toe into paid work yet but I would definitely not work for free as it devalues what bloggers are doing. Great post. #coolmumclub

  21. Thankfully I haven’t come across any haters as such yet, but the constant barrage of e mails offering a post about a product for FREE (oh wow, thanks) like they are doing you a favour drives me nuts!

    Power to the #coolmumclub positive side of blogging soul sista!

  22. Sometimes I feel like when I’m offered £5 for a post I feel that’s more insulting than nothing! I mean really? They clearly know they should pay but come on! #coolmumclub

  23. All of these points are so true, and luckily I’ve not seen the ugly side of blogging to much (yet), only when one of my posts was featured on Mumsnet did it then open it up to a barrage of comments. It’s super tough the negative side of blogging, and something that we need to be thick skinned at, or take with a pinch of salt. We are better than all the haters out there. Claire x #CoolMumClub

  24. goodness me. I am relieved to say that I haven’t experienced a lot of those things. I have had a few trolls, but I have to say that I think I am quite resilient to them. You should only take offence when insulted by people who you respect. I don’t respect trolls. period.

    I don’t really do much sponsored work. I have only ever done one piece and I have another piece coming up shortly. I am pleased to say that I was paid very promptly and received a discount for the upcoming piece so all good on that front.

    thanks for your post.

    Pen x #coolmumclub

  25. Thankfully I haven’t encountered too much of the ugly side of blogging just yet. But the companies expecting you to work for free (or for a packet of biscuits!!) drive me up the wall.

  26. The companies who expect something for nothing really annoy me! Constant emails saying they will give me ‘exposure’ in return for a blog post, youtube video, 10 shares on twitter, 2 instagram posts, 4 facebook posts, my first child and my house. Obviously I am exaggerating but you get the jist! haha #coolmumclub

  27. As a newbie I’m yet to experience the dark side but I’m not naive in knowing that it will come. I have certainly experienced the downside to vlogging and Instagram so I’m sure the blog will be the next one! Good to have a heads up, thank you #coolmumclub

  28. I love blogging too but I wish some other people in my family would understand it. That’s the ugly side for me…it’s shown who has my back and who absolutely does not! #coolmumclub

  29. I think it’s awful when people say that they’ll do something ie. pay you and then they don’t. I came across this behaviour last Christmas and they have still to pay up! #coolmumclub

  30. Thank god I haven’t come across the trolls and the haters yet – must be horrid!! But yes, those brands that expect you to dedicate all of that time for nothing in return are jokers. And the ones who seem to think they’re doing you a favour by offering you content for free – ha! I do hope that one day it will become the norm for brands to realise that bloggers can’t post content for free – just like you can’t place an ad for free. Yes, the print press will sometimes publish interesting/relevant content without payment – but print journalists are on salaries! And usually the brand will be paying a PR company top dollar to get the coverage anyhow. It’s all very irritating. xx #coolmumclub

  31. Those that undervalue your work frustrate me!!! No I will not write a post for £10!!!! I also am experiencing my first payment dodger but they’re dodging other bloggers which makes me think at least its not just me!!! #coolmumclub

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