12 ways to get children outside in Winter

get children outside in Winter

It’s all too easy to let the kids be cosied up inside over the Winter months. But with children spending less time than ever outdoors, even when the temperature drops, encouraging time outdoors is important. So let’s take a look at some cunning ways to get children outside this Winter.

Go to the park

Yes, that’s right! The park does still exist on a Winter’s day! The park may be empty, but that doesn’t mean it’s off-limits. So long as everyone is wrapped up warm – and by the way, most children don’t really seem to care that it’s cold anyway (only us withering adults) – it will be just fine.

Bring the park to your garden

The perfect fix for cold weather, if your garden is roomy enough, you could look to install swing sets or kids climbing frame from Wickey and Fatmoose there. Their ranges are all wooden and manufactured in Germany and the perfect no-excuses solution for getting children outside in Winter.

Go on a torch walk

Ask your children if they want to go for a walk, and the likelihood is that they will make any excuse in the world not to. But ask them if they want to go on a torch walk during the winter months, and I can guarantee you they will be chomping at the bit!

Venture off on a Winter scavenger hunt

Most children love scavenger hunts, and these can be a great way of getting children outside in Winter. There are lots of printable Winter scavenger hunts online. We particularly love the Woodland Trust one which encourages children to explore textures and then make something amazing with their findings at the end.

Go on a litter pick

People who know me know that E and I love to go on a litter pick around where we live. It’s always a shocking mess down our road after bin day, so a perfect excuse to grab our litter picker and go tidy up. A wander around the local neighbourhood always feels so much more exciting when you have a solid purpose.

Go geocaching

Geocaching is always great fun – it’s the perfect combination of adventure, exploration, discovery, and exercise. New to geocaching? Here’s a quick guide to how to get started with doing it and using it as the perfect hook for getting children outside in Winter.

get children outside in Winter

Plant bulbs

Some children love a spot of gardening, and yours fall into this category, then why not try enticing them outside with the promise of a garden full of colour come Springtime. November and December – until the first frost falls, – is the perfect time for planting up Spring bulbs.

Go ice skating

With so many ice skating rinks popping up over Winter, this is the perfect excuse for getting children outside in Winter. Extra brownie points for helping you to feel super festive, check out this list of outdoor ice rinks to get started.

Play old school games

Any ordinary outdoor space can suddenly be transformed into endless fun with old school, games like hopscotch, What’s The Time Mr Wolf, tag, and hide and seek. The great thing about all of these is that they can be instigated anytime, anywhere and with absolutely no planning whatsoever (just a bit of chalk for the hopscotch!).

Walk the dog

An obvious one to get children outside in winter if you have a dog already. But if you don’t, then borrow a neighbour’s – which is what we usually do. And if you don’t have a neighbour that is willing then you can also check out Borrow My Doggy.

Splash in muddy puddles

In true Peppa Pig style, children don’t need much convincing to don those welly boots, get outside and jump around in muddy puddles like everyone’s favourite Pig now do they?

Go on a bike ride

Cycling with children in winter is great fun and often easier because there are fewer people out. We love a bike ride during Winter – wrapping up warm and enjoying the fresh air and exercise is truly worth the effort!

It can be a challenge to get children outside in Winter but now armed with the above ideas, they’ll be keen as a bean to get layered up and outside. Which of the above ideas have you tried already? Do share in a comment below.


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