5 workouts to beat ageing

workouts to beat aging

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Exercises don’t just keep you looking young; they also help you stay active to enjoy things that young people experience. The idea behind anti-ageing workouts is not to halt your years from counting down. It is to encourage a dynamic ageing process.

What Causes Ageing

  • Staying in direct sunlight every day for long
  • Smoking accelerates the ageing process by causing a dull complexion and wrinkles to the skin
  • Eating unhealthy foods that cause premature ageing of the skin
  • Body lotions and other skin care products that irritate the skin. Irritation is characterized by a stinging or a burning sensation, and it makes the skin appear older.
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol dehydrates the body. The alcohol effect is too hard on your skin and eventually damages it. Making it look rough, dry, and old.

5 Workouts to Prevent Ageing

Squatting Properly

People say squatting hurts yet they do it every day. When you want to pick something up from the floor, you squat. You just need a little guide to squat the right way.

For women, when you squat you should turn your toes out slightly, with your feet spread out more than the hips. This move allows your femur to align well with the hip joint. Men’s hip structure is different from women’s. They have to squat with their toes forward.

It’s a simple fix, but the results are significant. Squatting the right way results in stronger joints and minimizes the chances of knee illness.

Kegel Exercises

If you want to win the ageing war, you have to beat everything that comes with it, and that includes illnesses. Kegel exercises will not smoothen your face or make you look young. However, what it does is as important as keeping you in shape.

This workout strengthens the pelvic muscles that support the bladder. Having strong pelvic floor muscles will prevent you from suffering from incontinence, which is a common health problem with the aging generation. As most people think that this exercise is beneficial to women only, I’d love to inform you that men also suffer from incontinence.

To perform this workout correctly, make sure your bladder is empty. Then lie down or sit and hold tight the pelvic floor muscles, the same way you would hold it to prevent urine from passing out. Count to eight and relax the muscles. Repeat the exercise at least 10 times, and do it three times a day; morning, afternoon and at night.

Workout your Brain

It’s evident that if you want to stay young, your mind also has to remain sharp. Why should you have massive muscles, smooth skin, and no brain anyway? To keep your mind fit, you will have to add more exercises that challenge the thinking capacity of your brain. These practices include playing chase, word puzzle games, and other physical brain-challenging activities like dancing with different moves. You can also make a habit of memorizing music lyrics to keep your memory sharp.

Strength Training

Many old people are considered weak. It’s because they are. Many people get weak over time because after retirement they don’t exercise their muscles. They no longer work nor move around. If you don’t use your muscles, they’ll grow weak with time. A lightweight workout may not make your muscles bulk, but it’ll keep them active.

Strong muscles will also help burn out calories from your body. Strength training, like other regular workouts, help keep the brain active and sharp. This way you will have your mind functioning pretty well during your old days.

For proper strength training and incredible results, make sure you research and understand the right forms. Start with light weight and improve slowly. You should comfortably be able to lift the weights at least 10 times. When you get to the point of raising the masses over 12 rounds easily, you can now add some more weight.

Perform a Total and Regular Body Workout

Don’t station yourself at the treadmill all through your gym session. Your whole body needs to be fit for you to age appropriately and actively. In fact, most of your time should be spent in the weight area.

You can apply a combination of light and moderate cardio as you do a moderate weight exercise. This is a perfect workout especially if your goal is to burn out some calories or build some muscles. Recumbent bikes with upper body workout are also an ideal option for you to keep your upper body fit. They are comfortable with a full seat and a backrest that makes it easy for you to pedal and perform an upper body workout at the same time.


You may stick to your sunscreen as long as you want, but the internal ageing effects will soon catch up with your outer skin. To slow down your ageing process some miles, you need to combine a healthy eating plan with a full body workout that will not cripple your joints but will kill the fats.

Hope you liked the blog post. Let me know what you guys think in the comments section below.

5 workouts to beat ageing

Author bio:  Paul Schoff is a passionate blogger at FitnessAbout.com,  a vegan fitness enthusiast and advocate of holistic development who likes to cut the BS promoted my media about health.




  1. I always thought that because I was forever carrying young children around , when I was a registered child minder, that I would never get bingo wings as I grew older, unfortunately I’ll health forced me to give up the child minder and so I do have bingo wings after all!

  2. I eat a lot of outsider foods, and I do a workout too, I have never heard of kegel exercise, looking forward to experiencing this.thank you so much for sharing the valuable information.

  3. These are awesome tips and I like that brain workout was included. Squatting is good not only for the joint and posture but also for the spine. As we age, bones get brittle and we’re most likely to get bone diseases. Kegel exercises are good workout too especially for those who have given birth and to men and women alike. I’d like to add as well proper food intake and hydration aside from exercising. Fruits and vegetables cleanses the colon and it makes you feel lighter and healthier so does your skin. Dehydration on the other hand dries the skin and therefore predisposes to ageing.

  4. These are awesome tips and I like that brain workout was included. Squatting is good not only for the joint and posture but also for the spine. As we age, bones get brittle and we’re most likely to get bone diseases.

  5. Actually, exercise is the best way to help you stay active to enjoy things that young people experience. It is to encourage a dynamic aging process. I hope that their 5 workouts tips are really important for me. If you want to know about its details you can see this content.

  6. A comfortable place to fill up on all things yoga. The cup of yoga appears to be not quite daily anymore, but there’s more than enough to keep my interest, and a large archive. Thanks for sharing

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