7 ways to feel beach ready (even when you’re not) + #win a £100 spend at Simply Beach

beach ready

Remember those days when you couldn’t wait to get your swimwear on and hit that lounger? Fast forward a decade, we have become mums, with more saggy, wrinkly and what on earth happened to that???! bits than we can shake a stick at. So now that we are officially on the countdown to the summer holidays and some potential beach or poolside action, the question is how can we feel beach ready, even when the thought of being beach ready as mums might leave us either sweating bullets or laughing hysterically?

Well I say fake it ’til you make it baby! So today I’m teaming up with Simply Beach and laying down some quick and easy ways that don’t involve making fitness promises you can’t keep or punishing yourself with a diet which probably won’t last to feel beach ready…plus a fab giveaway of a £100 spend at Simply Beach on swimsuits and more to help you do exactly that!

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

Seriously, accessories are your best friend when you’re trying to get…or fake being…beach ready. Just think of them as being your perfect sidekick in distraction. Whether it’s a massive sunhat, or some amazing sandals and earrings then I say accessorize to glamourize mamas!

beach ready

Own your posture

The thing is, we are used to carrying small people around, usually on one hip. As a result this has basically ruined our posture. So remember to stand (straight) and deliver! This will help you feel confident on the beach or poolside, even if you’re not. And if you’re feeling bold…maybe throw a cheeky strut in….oooo errr!!!

Have an awesome cover up

Whether it’s a awesome kaftan or a fabulous cold shoulder beach dress, beach cover ups are basically a mum’s best friend. I love this one from Simply Beach which I will definitely be relying on this summer!

beach ready

Use fake bake

So perhaps you were standing there looking in the mirror thinking – gah! I look like a ghost. Well, let me tell you now – the likes of St Tropez are an amazing way to cheat your way to being beach ready. Word on the street from my blogging friends like Scandi Mummy and A Moment With Franca is that their new Gradual Tan One Minute Pre-Shower Mousse is pretty hot stuff and also the perfect solution if you are either new to self-tanning, too busy to think about self-tanning like me, or scared of having an OTT self-tan because this is a super quick and easy product which can be used daily for a natural-looking tan.

Exfoliate and de-fuzz

There is nothing worse than knowing you have some beach or pool time ahead of you feeling like a hairy mary or a scabby mole with unsightly dry skin on your legs and feet. A little exfoliation can go a long way in making your legs look closer to beach ready, and as for the fuzz – I know  it might hurt, but it’s time for a hot wax mamas! because you know, you don’t want the wiry threads busting loose do we now?!

beach ready

Get some height in

OK I am not talking about prancing around in a pair of stilettos with your swimwear but a mini wedge thanks to something like these Tamaris shoes can really do wonders for helping you to fool everyone you’ve got some beach game thanks to the fact that they instantly make your legs look longer and therefore a tad more beach-worthy.

Make some small food sacrifices

It’s amazing how much a body can change with just a few days notice so for three days before the big beach ready push, your best cheat is to drink lots of water, cut out the caffeine, and don’t go too crazy on the carbs, swapping them instead for lean protein and veg.

So there you have it – that’s most super quick and very cheaty guide to feeling beach ready….even if you’re absolutely nowhere near it.

Do you have any tips for faking that beach ready feeling when you couldn’t be farther from it? Do share in a comment below. And now for the mega exciting bit which will help you fake your way to being beach ready…


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  1. I love the nautical look, I also heard that stripes help cover lumps and bumps and I have plenty to cover up lol, I’d never get away with wearing a bikini these days, I don’t know who would be more embarrassed my children or myself xxx

  2. In an ideal world, mine would be the bikini. ,,,perhaps I’ll save that for the private pool and get a kaftan for trips to the beach!

  3. I hate to admit this, but I’m still wearing the same swimsuit I bought for my honeymoon – eight years ago! I’m really long overdue doe an upgrade. #coolmumclub

  4. Loving our synchronicity this week! I’m totally channelling a positive mental attitude this summer but loving your practical tips – bring on the fake tan!
    Thanks for being the co-host with the most as always x Bring on the #coolmumclub beach partay!

  5. I don’t have any tips other than to remember you’re probably not the biggest person on the beach, and your children won’t care. #coolmumclub

  6. My tip is to wear a swim suit that flatters your shape! I like to wear a suit with straight cut legs so that on the days you’re so busy being a mum you haven’t had time for a wax or a shave you are well covered down below and have no panicks about rogue hair escapees! 😀 #coolmumclub

  7. Just do it is my advice! I wore a bikini this weekend for the first time since having children. I was self conscious to start with but then forgot all about it through having so much fun. #coolmumclub

  8. Awesome cover ups are definitely my favourite! I’ve got so many wobbly and sticky out bits since having my two – it’s the only way I can dare to partially bare…

  9. Nautical is the way to go! Being a ghost I have to ensure I use a fake tan and exfoliate until I can catch some real rays

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