Beautiful unique handmade jewellery by Jana Reinhardt + #win

unique handmade jewellery

Remember that feeling? The one where you get a new piece of unique handmade jewellery, put it on, feel it on your skin, see it in the mirror, and feel your heart lifts?

That was the feeling I recently got when I received a Wing Pendant Necklace from award-winning, handcrafted British jewellery brand Jana Reinhardt.

If you’re the sort of woman who likes elegant yet playful jewellery then I am sure you will absolutely love her unique handmade jewellery.

unique handmade jewellery

Jana Reinhardt pieces are about personality and craftsmanship. I love how all of their jewellery is made in Worthing on the south coast of England by a small team of professional goldsmiths. And all their suppliers and outworkers are all based exclusively in the UK.

Every single piece of jewellery is made entirely by hand, using old methods of fabrication and wax carving. Minute imperfections are embraced. Each piece is unique. How fantastic is that?

The Wing Pendant Necklace (£92), is really such a special piece. A single feathery wing that is chic, contemporary and fabulous to wear. I love how it looks on, but even more so – how it feels. It sits perfectly and feels amazing to touch with all it’s contours and textures which makes it so soothing to wear.

unique handmade jewellery

My necklace is made from sterling silver but is available in a range of colours including white and yellow gold, rose gold and platinum. I love it for day wear but can also see how it would be so beautiful dressed up for a date night or special occasion.

The perfect special gift for you or someone close to you, it’s flat back means it would be the perfect piece to have engraved with a personal message.

They have so many other gorgeous pieces on their website, and they also offer a bespoke jewellery service which would be ideal for creating unique engagement/wedding rings or for bringing any ideas you had to life.

unique handmade jewellery

And now for the exciting part!


Here’s your chance to own some unique handmade jewellery in this giveaway to win a Jana Reinhardt sterling silver Wing Pendant Necklace.

Enter on our giveaways page here

Are you a jewellery lover? What do you think of the Silver Wing Pendant necklace? Do leave a comment below. You may also enjoy 5 piece of jewellery every woman should own and my silver jewellery wish list.


*I was sent a Jana Reinhardt sterling silver Wing Pendant Necklace for honest review


  1. I love how delicate this necklace is and yet it still stands out. I have wanted one of these for such a long time especially as my nickname is birdie! A wing would be perfect for me 🙂

  2. I love Jana Reinhardt jewellery. It always stands out from the crowds and this necklace is no exception. It’s so beautiful and spiritual too. I would wear this and feel wonderful. Many thanks.

  3. I love these gorgeous necklaces, I would love one as For me they symbolise angel wings and it would be love,y to keep my little angel in heavens wings close to my heart

  4. I love this, feathers and angel wings are special to us and I love jewellery that includes one or the other

  5. I don’t really wear much jewellery, but that little silver wing is just beautiful. It would make a great gift for parted friends to exchange.

  6. How can it be unique if it’s cast there as little imperfections in all mass produced cast jewellery very misleading

  7. Silver is my go-to for jewellery. I’ve seen Jana Reinhardt’s range before and always thought that it was so pretty and delicate.

  8. I love this. I thought it was more like an angel’s wing than a bird’s wing. Silver is so much nicer than gold

  9. Jewellery can be a nice addition to an outfit. A reminder of person who gifted the jewellery, reason for gift ( Thank – You, Annibersary, etc, etc),

    For me the wing pendant :- Symbolises an angel’s wing. In the film ” It’s a Wonderful Life”, Clarence the Angel got his wings following coming to earth and helping a man ( he saved his life. He showed him how Womderful he was in helping others. He was helpful / supportive of his family and his community. He had felt worthless, when in fact he was not. He was valuable and helpful within his community. He had been feeling suicidal following negative incidents. Blaming himself :- When it was not he who was Responsible for the negativity / bad circumstances. He was loved and needed, as well as wanted. Clarence let him see / his perception changed, and he wanted to live, and went home to his family, friends, neighbours, community) and they lived happily ( and Clarence earnt his wings, ” Every Time a Bell Rings an Angel get’s it’s Wings).

    Angel :- Well meaning. Good. Protective.

    Rachel Craig

  10. l love how pretty all her jewellery is, there’s always a lovely sentiment with it. The wings are one of my absolute favourites its a timeless beautiful piece!

  11. This is stunning I am a massive fan of feathers and wings I will be keeping my fingers and toes tightly crossed.

  12. I absolutely love the fact that behind every piece of Janes jewellery there is sentiment and meaning. The wings are such a pretty piece and would make the absolute perfect gift for my Daughter Laurens 23rd birthday. She has recently ‘spread her wings’ into a place of her own with her fiancé Elliott. Thanks so much for this wonderful opportunity x

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