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online music lessons

I have always had music in my life as long as I remember. I was lucky to spend every Saturday morning taking flute and violin lessons, and later on found the love of piano too. But that was in an age when we weren’t frantically running around here, there and everywhere in kids, and I had the luxury of time to do that. Fast forward to now, I’m a time stressed mum and the thought of having to ferry my daughter around to music lessons on top of all the other things she does is seriously off-putting. But I don’t want her to miss out on the joy that music can bring – especially when only 20% of children learn to play music and 70% of adults wish they had.

Introducing Care2Rock

And that’s where Care2Rock comes in!  Care2Rock is an online music lesson platform which is currently offering a FREE MUSIC INSTRUMENT OF YOUR CHOICE to my readers.  They work to transform young lives through music so by choosing Care2Rock for your music lessons, not only does it promise to be super convenient as your children will be learning in the comfort of your own home in their online music lessons (rather than you having to ferry them around – hurrah!) but you’ll also be supporting children in foster care too because the music teachers that teach with Care2Rock also provide lessons and mentor those needy children too. How good is that?

Online music lessons

Having grown up taking traditional music lessons, I loved the sound of how easy finding the music teachers on Care2Rock, booking and taking the lessons online would be, but I have to admit I was a little bit nervous about how my daughter – who is only five – would find it in terms of being able to engage and concentrate during an online class. More on that later!

online music lessons

Finding our piano teacher

On finding our teacher, it was super simple! I am quite a visual person so loved the fact I could sit on my sofa and scroll through the different piano teachers available (yup, we were going for piano!), and browse their availability. After about five minutes (compared to the usual endless asking around for recommendations) I found a teacher who I thought would be a good fit both in terms of her experience and how I thought my daughter would connect with her. She also had the perfect availability with us which was a massive win in our already crammed week!

online music lessons

You can watch our video here to find out more about the process too:

Taking the lesson

As I write this, we have just completed our first lesson. First off I loved the fact we could just come back from school, have a snack and then log on and wait for our lesson. Totally chilled and it beat rushing to an after school off-site music lesson any day!

Our teacher Nathalie was really great right from the start. Despite the fact that we were doing this over video cam, she was so warm and formed a great connection with my daughter from the outset. The lesson was really clear to follow and I couldn’t believe how much our daughter moved on in just one class. She literally played a mini piano scale at the end of it! Yasssssss!

online music lessons

The worries I had about attention and engagement were totally unfounded. I guess our children are growing up in an online world and so perhaps taking music lessons online actually comes with a big advantage in that sense.

Want to find out more about how it went? You can join us on our first lesson at the video below:

I was so happy with the overall experience of using Care2Rock. From the finding of the teacher to the booking of the lesson and the actual taking of the piano lesson too, the whole experience was great and really opened up my eyes to the world of online music lessons in an easy and hassle-free way.

So don’t let your child grow up to be in the 70% of adults who wished they had learnt how to play music….you can give them the gift of music to make sure they have no regrets on that front.

Sign up to Care2Rock’s Sounds of Summer Club and claiming a high quality musical instrument of your choice here!

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  1. Aww, well done to your daughter! I think she did awesomely well on her first online lesson. This is such a good idea! My son wants to learn how to play the drums, god help me! x

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