Come on children’s TV – you can do better! aka a love letter to Sesame Street

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Regular readers of my blog will know that I am not averse to screen time and that I believe that is has is place as part of our children’s developmental path and that it can also be a thoughtful part of a child’s downtime during the day.

Recently, I have seen a lot about screen time turning our children into zombies. And it got me thinking. Whilst this is in part because many children are allowed to engage with screen time that is over the recommended 1 hour a day (for children 2-5 years old), I think least when it comes to what’s on TV…it is because of the content they are consuming.

I’ll hold my hands up and admit that yes, we have our very own Paw Patrol addict in the house. And in our bid to wean her off the never ending cycle of Paw Patrol that we seem to have become trapped in (yes, totally our fault here!) I’ve been reviewing basically everything else out there.

We ended our love affair with CBeebies a while ago and revisiting it, while is does have more emphasis on educational aspects with the programming there, as the nation’a favourite which gets funded by our TV licenses, quite frankly..I think they could and should be doing a lot more on this front. Sorry but Alphablocks, Numtums and Down on The Farm just doesn’t cut it for me.

Then there’s spangly Netflix and Amazon. Basically a never ending slew of adventure, princesses, cars and cartoons. God help me.

I began to feel desperate in my search until  at last on Netflix, I stumbled upon that absolute classic that is Sesame Street. Five minutes into my review of the programme which has been jazzed up to suit the needs of our over stimulated children then I already remembered not only why I loved this programme so much back in the day, but also why it was a pioneer of the time. This is children’s programming with a brain. It actually actively seeks to teach – numbers, words, letters, concepts, morals…the whole shebang with singing and dancing puppets galore plus a few celebs in the mix.

So listen up to all you other TV programmes – take a leaf out of the book that is the grandmaster of preschooler TV programmes Sesame Street who for decades  has got it right on so many levels. It’s a programme that actually teaches rather than just distracts or baby sits. I turned out great on it so I’d like my daughter to do the same thank you very much!

What do you think about the educational aspect of children’s TV today? What would you like to see change? Do leave a comment and share.

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  1. Be the change you want to see. Parents should be aware of their own time and monitor their children’s use of electronics. If they replace that screen time with fun, creative or educational activities with their family then they are on the right track to achieving great balance for their family.

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