So what does the future of blogging hold? My predictions

future of blogging

Blogging is a relentless hamster wheel, but have you ever stopped to think what blogging has in store for us all over the next ten years or so? As part of the Innovation Company’s study on what bloggers see as the future of blogging I was asked to cast my eye over the magic ball of blogging and share what I think the future of blogging holds:

More quality content

I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that the blogging market is becoming increasingly saturated. It’s like a blogger is born every minute online. But with this increased “competition” (for want of a better word), will come greater emphasis on quality because it will really be survival of the fittest. There will be no room for mediocre blog posts and those who don’t make the cut will find it very hard to break through on the Google searches.

Blogging will give way to vlogging

It’s already happening…the importance of vlogging is starting to eat into that of blogging. People are consuming content more by video, and that means more bloggers will become vloggers also, and some may even move over entirely to video too.

and maybe even robots

Right now, content creators are king but did you know that there are robots that are capable of writing? Say hello to Wordsmith, an artificial writer developed by the North Carolina-based company Automated Insights which cherrypicks elements from a data set and then  uses them to structure a “human sounding” article. Should us bloggers be worried?

Better and clearer regulation

Right now, regulation in blogging is still in its infancy, especially in the UK. Over the next few years this must change as blogging becomes a more solid part of the advertising industry. Expect compliance to get very real.

WordPress….watch your back

WordPress may be the king of the castle as we speak but there are lots of other alternatives out there who could easily rise to the top. Every platform has its time and I predict that the golden age of WordPress will pass and there will be a new top dog in town.

A backlash again oversharing?

It seems like every other blog out there is oversharing on something or other, but how long will readers have appetite for this? I predict a backlash against oversharing with readers seeking out more informational style posts as their thirst for knowledge deepens.

So what do you think about these predictions? Do you foresee any of the above happening too? Do leave a comment and share.

*This is a collaborative post


  1. I think it’s interesting shouting more bloggers turning to blogging… I’m actually launching a YouTube channel next month to run alongside my blog and previously I would never have thought I’d do that.

  2. I totally agree that vlogging will become even bigger – we are already seeing bloggers move 90% to video compared to their blog

  3. I hate being videoed, so I for one won’t be jumping on the vlogging band wagon, even though I think you’re entirely right with your predictions. I blog more for my own enjoyment, as a diary of my travels and my anecdotes from travelling – so I can look back at my posts in years to come and remember my trips. So if Google does tighten regulations or things change drastically SEO wise, I’m not that bothered 🙂 x

  4. I have put together some blogs of our days out, holidays and products and I do really enjoy the memories it gives us. The kids love looking back at the videos.

  5. Great topic! I already that everyone is already moving to vlogging. Videos are definitely getting more attraction than blog posts.

  6. I agree I think vlogging will take over blogging, but I think there will still be a place for blogs. And as an over sharer, I really hope that oversharing doesn’t become a thing of the past!

  7. I think you are right. I don’t get the vlogging thing as a 40 something year old but my teens and kids devour it all

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