Introducing the self-cleaning bottle you need in your life

self-cleaning bottle

Admit it, most of us have left our water bottle on the side of the sink for one (or maybe five) days before giving it a proper scrubbing. Because there is just something SO arduous about cleaning water bottles isn’t there? It’s definitely one of my pet cleaning hates! So wouldn’t it be amazing if you could just get your hands on a self-cleaning water bottle instead? Well, guess what? Soon you will be able to!

Say hello to Auron

Auron is a self-cleaning water bottle that purifies drinking water with UV light. It launched on Kickstarter last week and was fully funded within 24 hours.

Thanks to a UV light cleaning mechanism in the lid, Auron is able to sterilize itself and its contents in 60 seconds, eliminating 99.99% of microbial life. Cleaning can be activated manually, or the user can set Auron to automatic and it will clean itself every four hours.

Holy moly now that’s the kind of self-cleaning water bottle we all need in our lives!

A self-cleaning bottle to last a lifetime

The good news just keeps coming because unlike other purifying water bottles, Auron has no replaceable parts. The Auron bottle is able to clean itself continuously for over 100 years without the need to replace filters or batteries. Wowzers now that is impressive!

It is no wonder then that Auron’s Kickstarter campaign heavily focused on its eco-conscious design and anti-plastic mission met its funding goal in under 24 hours.

The next gen of reusable water bottles

Over the last decade, the world has woken up to the dangers of plastic pollution,” said Melissa Swanston, a spokesperson for Auron. “We love how people are switching to reusable bottles. But, these bottles have their faults. They’re dirty, smelly, and difficult to clean. Plus, you can only use them if you have a clean water source nearby, which most of the global population does not. Auron cleans itself and needs no scrubbing. And, it can purify water from any tap, fountain, or river. It’s a portable, ever-lasting water purifier.”

As well as aiming to increase the use of reusable water bottles around the globe, and lowering plastic dependency and pollution it just so happens to also be sleek and stylish with an attractive LED display, and available in multiple colours – making it the ultimate sustainable fashion statement.

How does it work?

Auron functions much like a standard reusable water bottle. To use it, unscrew the vacuum-sealed lid and fill the chamber with water or any other beverage. To purify the contents and/or clean the bottle, tap the lid two times. When purification begins, a display on the lid will start a countdown of 60 seconds.

Additional programmable features include auto-cleaning and hydration reminders. Auron’s display will also show the temperature of the beverage within. Plus, Auron’s vacuum-sealed and double-walled chamber is an effective insulator. It is able to keep drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 12. It can be used to store any type of beverage, including coffee, tea, soda, and beer.

Travel-friendly and extremely durable, Auron is resistant to damage from shock, rust, corrosion, and humidity. It fits in any water-bottle holder, pouch, or pocket in a car or bag, and its sweat-proof and spill-proof design ensure residue and condensation cannot escape the bottle.

It can purify water in nature such as lakes, ponds, and rivers, making it a safety essential in the wild. It needs to be charged just once every two months for daily use. Plus it’s manufactured sustainably using recycled materials.

Is there anything this self-cleaning water bottle can’t do??

How to get your hands on one

Having met its funding goal, Auron will begin production before the end of its Kickstarter campaign, ensuring backers will receive their orders within 2-3 months. To support Auron, become a backer today on Kickstarter.


  1. Wow that is very clever! I hate cleaning water bottles, one of the worst jobs!

  2. This is such a clever idea. I was just looking at my questionable water bottle today and thinking about how the hell I was going to clean it!! Brilliant idea x

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