How to make the new school year a new start for you

As we busily prepare en mass for the coming of back to school, some of us might be counting down the days to the promise of clasping those hours back to yourself while others might be nervously sending their littles off to school for the first time (eek!).

Lost in a frenzy of uniform buying, last minute haircuts and shoe fittings – not to mention an array of emotions – the question is…how to we seize this time of change and make the most of it for ourselves?

Here, Ruth of Ruth Kudzi Coaching, who specializes in working with mums who might be feeling lost, lacking in confidence, who want to change their careers or perhaps start a new business or initiative gives her top ten tips for making the new school year a new start for you.

1) Spend some time thinking about where you want to be in 1 year and in 5 years time, sit down and imagine you are there. Write down what you want your life to look like in a years time and 5 years time, include all aspects – your career, your relationship, your family, your home, your friendships, your health and well being, your self development. Be honest with yourself. Look at what you have written from here you have your goals for the next year. Put them in priority order and then you can decide which to focus on first. Write these down so you can look back at them.

2) Write down your goals, share them with your partner and your friends and anyone else who is going to help you achieve them. Look at them daily – you might want to write them on a card that you can carry around with you or like I do on my iPhone notes page so you can view them whenever you need to refocus.

3) To make your goals more concrete create a mood board, a Pinterest page, a video recording or a journal entry to show the goals, refer back to this every day to keep focused on what you want to do.

4) Evaluate where you currently are in comparison to your goals, for each area of your life look at your where you are on a scale of 1-10 where 10 would be that you have achieved the goal. Write down where you are on a scale of 10 at this moment in time, how you feel and what you are thinking. Write down what you will be feeling when you achieve the 10.

5) Keep a diary, in your diary record every day how you are getting on with your goals and the steps that you have taken to achieve them. Add any details on obstacles you may have faced or setbacks. Think about times that you were really positive about your goal and what you were achieving and say how that felt, think of times when you were really negative and felt like you would never get there and say how that felt. Reflect daily on what is working for you.

6) Seek out experts, think about people you know who are really good at what you are trying to achieve. Make contact with them, speak to them and find out what they do. Look at famous people you admire who are successful in this field, or people you follow on Instagram – what are they doing that you can do?

7) Think about your self development, what areas of you do you want to work on? Look for courses that you can enrol in that will help you, these could be online or at your local college or university. Now is the time to be enrolling and there are often lots of open events you can go along to, to find out more.

8) Take time for yourself every single day, think about how you recharge best – it could be spending time meditating or practising gratitude, going for a long walk or meeting a friend for coffee. Make sure that you allocate this time every day and stick to it. It will make you feel better about the change.

9) Talk to other mums and see what they do / have done, often we get our best ideas from others. Use the school gates as a place to network both socially and professionally.

10) Get a coach – if you are serious about making changes to your life a coach will help you.

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  1. Great ideas, especially for us mums who may be just a little bit stuck on what to do on the next phase of our lives. x

  2. Really great tips, I remember after number two went off to school I was in a heap and a fluster as to what to do! It’s great advice to sit down and really think about what you might want to do with the rest of your life!

  3. Great tips, I am doing exactly what you are saying right now as I want to start my business, it’s exciting but scary. Thank you for sharing

  4. Good advice here and food for thought. I have actually being doing a lot of planning – 3, 6 and 12 months – trying to work out a plan of action! That is less to do with school restarting – my two don’t start school until next year – more to do with feeling directionless 🙂 x

  5. These are some great tips I’m in the stages of thinking about my future and where I want to end up. I think sitting down and planning then talking about it all with people who will support me is a great idea.

    Jordanne ||

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