Make way for…the return of the “Mum Bush”

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Mum Bush? No, I’m not talking about a lovely bunch of roses that you might buy for your own darling mother on her birthday. I’m talking – pubic hair. Muffs. What’s happening in the forests of the South Pole. You know, around our vaginas.

Much to my merriment, I was reading last night that apparently, the “mum bush” is now all the rage these days. And no longer just in the porn industry!

Yes apparently, fuzzy noo noos are now making a comeback amongst the celebrity folk, who are now inwardly shuddering as they share a bath with their toddlers whereupon the poor little confused blighters discover that their vaginas seem to be a mirror reflection of their own mother’s…with absolutely. no. hair. down. there.

Yes, you can practically hear those poor little celebrity toddler offspring’s brain cells frying as once they pass the two year mark, and become interested in “bits” – namely yours and theirs – how amongst all the toddler carnage they wonder how someone who is a bajillion times their age can possibly only have the same amount of hair as them “down there” i.e. none.

Hurrah! I hear you all whooping, we no longer need to feel bad about not defuzzing our lady bits like our lives depended on it now that those wily celebrities have finally discovered our normal way of thinking! In fact, did you know we are probably, and very selflessly, doing our children a massive favour by not contributing to their early hang ups by embracing fuzz and showing that them that’s it’s perfectly normal to not have a vagina that resembles a pubescent school girl at the ripe old age of…the average age of all you mums out there?

Out with the Hollywood! Out with the Brazilian! In with a nicely (or perhaps, not so nicely) trimmed (or in other cases, more sprawling) triangle, which apparently, so legend has it, most men prefer anyway (not, of course that we do it for them…oh, no).

Let’s all hear it for the Mum Bush! Because who wants to look like a mirror image of our kids in the bath anyway? Weird…..

Wishing you all a happy #bushday ahead!

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  1. Woo hoo! I’m trendy 🙂 I was so embarrassed when giving birth a few weeks ago and apologized many times for my bush! I guess I should have just put on big sunglasses and acted snobby lol

  2. I was like “mum-bush” – what clever play on words is this about? But NO, it’s a genuine post about lady gardens ha ha!!! Mim x

  3. Great news. As someone who first encountered vaginas before they started losing their fuzz I have been very glad not to have had to encounter any that were naked. Just. Weird. And then I started reading about teenage boys getting rid of their pubes too. WTF? I don’t want Little B growing up being disgusted by his or anyone else’s body hair. Let’s be more French.

  4. haha this is so funny!! You are right lets be free and natural!! Although a little bit of trimming could be good too so it looks tidy 😉 xx

  5. I have never understood the idea of a hairless vajayjay – it has always creeped me out. I just don’t understand why I would want to take away the one thing that says I am an adult woman and not a child! #savethebush Mel xx #TwinklyTuesday

  6. Brilliant. The joys of being a single, singe mummy is that other than my bikini line for swimming, I’ve not had to go crazy on the de fuzzing! Welcome! #twinklytuesday

  7. Really amusing post. Thanks. I stopped brazilianing my bush when I was pregnant – I couldn’t see it anyway in the later stages so what was the point? I haven’t started again so every day is a #bushday.

  8. Was due a bath and defuuz tonight think I’ll do a bath and wine instead and tell everyone how trendy my mummy mary is #twinklytuesday

  9. Bushes are cropping up everywhere. There might even be another Bush in the Whitehouse. Since so many trendy men now sport big bushy beards that don’t do anything for me it was inevitable for bushes to sprout in other places. I hope all the women who gave Brazilians aren’t out of business ??? Popping over from Brilliant Blog Post Linky

  10. And this is the great thing about being single. I’ve been divorced for 3 years and haven’t touched a razor in that time. Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.

  11. As a few other people have said, just one of the perks of single life! Which is just as well as the thought of waxing anywhere near my C section scar is HORRENDOUS.

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