Germtastic: The importance of hand washing

importance of hand washing

While I am by no means a clean freak, and LOVE to get my hands dirty (particularly when it comes to anything nature and/or soil related!), there are certain times when our hands need a jolly good wash because the importance of hand washing is quite frankly, underrated.

Germs spread the easiest on our hands and in some cases, can lead to infection and possibly serious illness.   Unfortunately, we Brits are notoriously bad at handwashing…..who only knows when 11% of our hands are considered grossly contaminated including faecal matter which can be found on one in six mobile phones – ewwww!

Germs are everywhere and are part of being a human but when we hear statistics like 39% of catering workers  not washing their hands after going to the toilet (yuck!) and 59% not doing before preparing food (come on, common sense guys!), then something about this doesn’t quite sit right with me.

On the most basic level, we should be washing our hands once using the bathrooms, before taking care of any sick friends or relatives, cleaning around the house, after blowing or sneezing your nose (yes you yucky person who served me my latte this morning  I’m looking at YOU!) and touching or playing with pets to  minimise your risk of infections.

Here’s a handy infographic by the folks at infection control experts Clinell-Direct which gives the full run down on why and how we should be taking hand washing more seriously.

Clinell Direct Infection Control Handwashing Infographic

Picture credit: Designed by Freepik

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