Mum problems: The curse of mum hands

dry old hands

Trawl the internet and there are PAGES full of how your body transforms once you become a mum and none of this is new to any of you here, reading this, right now. From saggy boobs, to scarecrow hair, to Dartford Tunnel like vaginas and and fold-laden tummies, it all just becomes a lot of noise after a while.

But now, I want to talk about a part of the body which often gets overlooked, and now which deserves its very own WTF moments.


Yup, that’s right, let’s talk about hands.

What the hell happens to your hands once you become a mum?!

Remember those youthful looking hands which used to once reside on the end of your arms? You know, when they looked fresh as a daisy like this?

nice hands

One day you look down and to your horror, you can only surmise that someone must have cut off and stitched a pair that can not belong to you – perhaps that the old biddy’s (you know, the one who shuffles down the road on her mobility aid every day) – while you were sleeping. Papery, wrinkly and looking like they did fifty soaks in a bucket of bleach (because they probably did over the course of time), much like the ones pictured at the beginning of this post.

Your dreams of being a hand model turn to dust.

No amount of creams, elixirs, massage or other desperate attempts seem to be able to keep the early on-set granny hands away. You vaguely consider getting tats all over your hands to cover up the shame. Would something like this be a step too far, you wonder??

tattooed hands

How can washing up liquid be so cruel? When will we be able to break free from the albatross round our necks of having to wash our hands a bajillion times a day ย whilst dealing with a never ending slew of dirty, snot or sick infested items?

Suddenly those pongy rubber gloves your mum keeps not so subtly leaving round the house at every visit don’t seem such a bad idea.

But don’t be ridiculous! That would require a whole extra two minutes of time you don’t have to actually put them on.

And so the curse of mum hands lives on.

Do you suffer from the curse of mum hands? Will our hands ever heal? Or is it only downhill from here on in?


  1. Hahaha…laughing at some of descriptive language which I will not repeat here! I was just telling a friend the other hand that when I look at my hands, I see my mother’s hands! Yep, when did it get that way? It’s funny how you don’t realise how your whole body is changing until one day, it hits you hard!

  2. I totally forgot to mention mum hands in my birthday post about ageing. It’s awful. There’s no point using gloves cos they just tear so easily and no point using hand cream because you end up washing your hands all the time and reapplying it. “Hi my name is Prabs and I have mum hands.”

  3. I love this, my hands are constantly stained with some sort of paint or foodstuff and I have ragged nails from prizing apart bits of bloody lego… I try in vain to remember to use handcream, but I can never remember where I put it. I give up.

  4. Yes!!!!! I bloody love you for posting this!! Since being ill last week and become borderline obsessed with washing my hands they’ve become dry, sore and even more Mum like! No amount of spring pastel nail varnish will help!! The things we have to put up with!!! ha ha xx #coolmumclub

  5. Tell me about it! After 2 weeks of special care so lots of hand washing we’re now home but constantly washing up, washing my hands or gelling them thanks to a cold. Suffice to say my hands are wrecked!!

  6. Yep! I had an issue with them being really dry recently. I still have my nails done every three weeks in an attempt to keep them looking vaguely human #coolmumclub

  7. I hear you. How does it happen? Why does it happen? My hands have aged (almost) as much as my face has since I became a Mum. #coolmumclub

  8. Oh don’t I could cry! I hear you! I’m a pianist and look at my hands so often and weep – i smother in hand cream and make sure my nails are painted but that doesn’t deter from telling the world I’m raging – they can still play piano though so I should be thankful for that! A fab post and i can just see all the mummies reading this this morning nodding their heads and looking at their hands – those hands though have got a 1000 stories to tell and hopefully some good ones in there to make it all worthwhile!#coolmumclub

  9. Yeck, rubber gloves! I’d rather have (do have!) mum hands. At one stage my husband actually asked me what was wrong with my hands – the cheek!!! (They were pretty bad at that stage, they hand’t hardened up yet ;)…)

  10. Haha..oh this is so funny and so true. I definitely think wtf when I look at my hands. Washing up liquid is definitely to blame xx #coolmumclub

  11. Man! You mean my hands are going to get worse? I already suffer from dry hands & have to wear rubber gloves (the allergy friendly ones from Lakeland are great, last ages & don’t make me itch – OMG am I really recommending rubber gloves on the internet now?!). Since I’ve been pregnant my hands have been dryer than ever & I’m moisturising all the time. Heaven forbid what lies ahead but thanks for the warning! #coolmumclub

  12. Oh this made me laugh – I’ve just been complaining about the state of my hands, they’re so dry and scabby from washing them ten thousand times a day! Mum problems hey! Coming over from #coolmumclub linky. Thanks for having me x

  13. Hahaha.. I so agree! It’s a nightmare!
    I really don’t like my hands but I like nail polish and wearing lots of rings, but feel with my ‘mum hands’ it just looks tragic. Genuinely considering brightening them up with a tattoo on each. LOVE and HATE maybe?

  14. My hands look and feel like sandpaper, they have done ever since I started working in a nursery but they seem to be even worse now I am a Mummy. My Hubby doesn’t like holding them anymore, he says they feel like a Grannies! I don’t blame him, they really do. Thank you for writing this, I’m glad I’m not the only one! Jemma x #coolmumclub

  15. I’ve been trying to disown my withered, scratty hands but they keep following me around. I daren’t even consider a manicure for fear of traumatising the therapist! I have seriously wondered whether they are even necessary any longer, or whether I could perhaps just have a baby wipe surgically attached to the end of each wrist?

    Hurrah to this post. My granny hands are in good company! :0)

    #coolmumclub x

  16. Hah Hah! I was laughing out loud at this (You had me at Dartford Tunnel like Vaginas). But I’m weeping with sadness at the same time because yes it’s so true! Is it the endless bouts of washing up we have to do? The cold weather and then boiling hot heating combo? Is it the constant cleaning up of kids? My youngest even asked me the other day why I had cracks on my hands. At least I know I am not alone. Thanks for hosting and a great read. #CoolMumClub x

  17. Yes!!! When I was pregnant my hands swelled terribly, now they’ve shrunk back to somewhat of a wrinkled and papery state (as you say). I’ve also got terrible wrists I can’t open things like bottles or put baby down in her coto properly. Apparently that’s still the hormones from breastfeeding. Oh and don’t get me started on my nails – cracked and brittle. What the hell happened. Thanks for sharing and hosting. Claire X #coolmumclub

  18. This is hilarious! Especially some of the descriptions you use, LOL! I suppose I’m lucky because my hands have age but only a little bit. For the most part, they are the same hands I’ve always had, small and pale with occasional dry skin in the Winter. Reading all the comments, I never even thought about my hands aging but now I’m going to be checking from time to time just to see. Thanks so much for hosting #coolmumclub

  19. Hahaha fantastic post! My hands are dry pretty much all of the time now. Between the constant cleaning of one mess or another, to the frequent hand washing, no cream can cure the dryness. Kind of comforting to know I’m not the only one! Hehe

  20. Yes Tayla! My hands are so wrinkly compared to the rest of me?! They look like I graft on a building site all day. My nails are awful too so I started getting acrylics just to feel more feminine! Oh the perils of motherhood. xx (hope you’re well lovely!)

  21. Unfortunately for me, my hands have always looked like this…!! In my job, I washed my hands bazillions of times a day, and we weren’t allowed long nails or nail varnish-my hands constantly looked ragged, red and sore! I got my nails done for the first time on my wedding day! Never had them done since!! But this must be a shock for people who aren’t used to the way being a mum ages your hands by a million years…!!

  22. Oh yes, I suffer with a case of mum hands and I’m mortified. I’ve recently taken to getting my nails done to see if I can undo the damage, but no! Still mum hands ๐Ÿ™ #coolmumclub

  23. I have cracked and bleeding knuckles, wrinkly fingers and even a couple of age spots! Urggh! I’m only 35! What’s going on? Glad it’s not just me..

    Thanks for the laughs! #coolmumclub

  24. LOVE this! I remember, before I became a mum, I worked in an office and the woman who sat across from me was ALWAYS putting on hand cream. I mean always! Every time I looked up there she was squeezing more white cream out of the tube and rubbing it into her hands. I never understood it. I mean how can someone’s hands need that much cream?!
    I understand now.
    I’m the one doing it.
    I have a tub of cream on my desk in my home office. I have a tube of cream downstairs on the coffee table. I have a tub of cream on my bedside table. My hands get terribly dry, and it’s because of all the washing up, the picking up dirty clothes, picking up toys, filthy shoes, everything. Our hands go through hell! I wish someone had warned me… I might’ve taken a photo of my youthful hands just to remember that I did once have nice hands!

  25. This is so weird, I was thinking about my mum hands earlier on today and wondered if it was just me. I seem to remember having youthful and soft hands once! I now look at my hands and feel like an old lady. I hate it. The cold weather doesn’t help and the relentless washing of hands, both my own and other little peoples. Should make more time for a manicure now and again! #coolmumclub

  26. Haha this is so true! Mine were pretty ruined even before the bubba was born as I worked in a pub so was constantly washing them and spilling beer on them haha. Great post, thanks for hosting #coolmumclub.

  27. This made me laugh out loud as literally I looked at my hands today and thought when did I turn into…not my Mum….but my NAN!!!!!! Seriously in need of a manicure and some kind of anti-ageing hand treatment!!! #coolmumclub

  28. Heheh! I seem to have swerved this affliction so far. In fact I’ve been insanely lucky: no weight gain, no stretch marks… (After 18 months bf, maybe let’s not talk about the boobs though.) It surely can’t last – we all know I’m gonna look like a haggard witch if I have a second child! Xx

  29. Bahaha this is SO true. my hand have become wrinkled and generally cr*p since having m boy. Excessive use of anti-bac hand gel and all doesn’t help :/

  30. Haha I’m with Morgan Prince; I have hand cream in every bag (not that many apart from the changing bag get used these days!), at work, in every room of the house, in my car… And I apply an especially intensive cream before I go to bed just to be safe! I occasionally think to put gloves on to wash up but then I’m liable to drop a glass lol. Having kids basically ruins your body but they’re worth it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  31. Oh I was having a crappy day and now I’ve had to look down at my veiny, cracked claws #badtimes
    I actually posted a pic of my battered hands on instagram after a day of wanton abuse where they got covered in toddler puke and poo. Oh the washing.
    It’s a dogs life. We should have paws. #coolmumclub

  32. So glad it’s not just me! My hands are awful! I do cream them several times a day as i have cream with me everywhere i go! and yes i use the rubber gloves but i think the damage is now done. *sign* #coolmumclub

  33. Totally agree but I’ve never loved my hands… My feet are worse though, I’ve been sharing the love with them and doing nightly moisture, hope the hands benefit too!

  34. Nice to hear I am not the only one with this problem. My hands are awful they are so dry and rough. What’s even more annoying though is my boyfriends hands are so soft. You can tell who does all the grafting in our house ;P. I have also inherited old women wrinkle looking hands. No hope for my hands! #coolmumclub

  35. I have noticed my hands are worse since moving to the colder part of the hemisphere. And yes the constant hand washing when having littles and all their germs doesn’t help a bit! Thanks so much for hostessing #coolmumclub!

  36. lol ya mum hands – I have those! My hands got so sensitive from all of the handwashing & cleaning of children that I started with dermatitis. Now I have to wear the washing up gloves that I used to have no time for otherwise my skin goes so red, peely & painful! The joys! #coolmumclub x

  37. Wow! I am SO pleased I am not the only one with the curse of the mum hands. Together we can beat this?! errr. or maybe not lol x

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