The truth about other people’s children (& why I sometimes hate them)

other people's children

Don’t get me wrong…my own three year old daughter has her fair share of vile snotty faced moments that make me want to run off and disown her…

And I’m definitely not one to make her out to be some rosy cheeked Angel…


There – I’ve said it! I’ve said what you have all been thinking but have been too wonderfully polite to say. That sometimes I, and probably you..literally inwardly shudder in the mere presence of some other people’s children.

Yes, perhaps it’s because they we have not had to squeeze them out of our too tiny for purpose selves.

Or perhaps it’s because they are in fact little versions of similarly vile people who we also pretend to like but actually secretly detest.

Whatever it is SOME others people’s children, through my “they’re not my kids” non-rose tainted glasses, do seem to be not that too dissimilar to rather vindictive, snotty, Machiavellian, manipulative underworld beings.

But of course I am not some kind of sociopath when it comes to children because admittedly  there are lots of other people’s children I really do love..probably such as yours reading this post!

However some people’s kiddos definitely seem to be channeling a whole other yucky rudeness on a Veruca Salt level (whilst their parents seem to be absolutely oblivious to what is happening….hmmmm I wonder what the connection could be!?)…and so god give me strength to put on my very best poker face when I’m around them that I am not secretly wishing this fate on them….

…and may I feel forever blessed that they are – PHEW – not mine.

Do you ever get an overwhelming sense that you can simply not stand to be in the same room as some other people’s children? What strategies do you take on to ensure you don’t spontaneously combust in their presence?

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  1. Before I had kids I was completely unreasonable about hating the sound of children but now I know that it’s when they’re quiet that you have to worry! I find some children quite gross but I imagine some parents might think that of mine too. I have picked Anya up from preschool and there is dried snot smeared on her face and any other kid I’d be eeewwww! etc

  2. I think we all feel this way. Some of the feral kids I come across at work are enough to make me wonder why I thought it was a good idea to have my own, but then I remember I like mine and a few others so it’s OK #coolmumclub
    Briony recently posted…JCB Kids January DeliveryMy Profile

  3. I think for me, it often depends on the situation. We go to a Monday church-run baby group which has amazing facilities, but Baby Lighty is one of the youngest there, and often because all of the other mums know each other from Church, they stand around talking and drinking tea and aren’t always aware that their little darling is refusing to let mine into the Wendy house, for example. But perhaps I’m also guilty of this at our Thursday group where I’ve got a good group of friends who I like to catch up with? #coolmumclub
    Mrs Lighty recently posted…Mrs Lighty’s Liked and Loved: January 2017My Profile

  4. I can’t say I dislike other people’s children as I am a childcarer. It’s alot easier to look after them than my own sometimes. Most children play up more when their parents are around.
    I do agree that it’s tough sometimes though as we all bring our children up so differently.
    Great post!

  5. We have that emotional bond with our children – even if they’re annoying, we can still find a million things to love about them. With other people’s children, we don’t have that bond so they’re simply annoying 😉 So yes, I think it does boil down to the fact we didn’t ‘had to squeeze them out of our too tiny for purpose selves’ 🙂 #CoolMumClub
    Autumn’s Mummy recently posted…Guest Post: My experience of perinatal and postnatal OCDMy Profile

  6. YES!! All the time….sometimes I shock myself at how irritating other peoples’ kids can seem to me! I guess we don’t have the same impenetrable bond or strength of feeling for them and there’s the difference. Probably a pretty good thing too…otherwise parents all over the place would be abandoning their offspring when they reached the I-can’t-take-this-any-more point! Great post lovely. #coolmumclub Xx
    Ursula (AKA Mumbelievable) recently posted…The Mumbelievables #4: Haanagh SmithMy Profile

  7. Haha love this!! I always say I don’t like children apart from my own! I’m not maternal at all towards other children, I’m not really sure why I just feel awkward around them! It makes it worse when their acting like the devil child! I can cope with my own but others are just too much! Its hard to not show it with eye rolls etc especially when their hitting/smacking my child. I do know children are children though and someone else will have the same opinions/feelings amount my children.

    kerry recently posted…The bedtime TAG.My Profile

  8. I try not to dislike other people’s kids just because I know that sometimes that kid is my kid as they all have their moments of being complete and utter horrors! (But sometimes I have to try harder than others!!!)
    Mrs Tubbs recently posted…SmallfilmsMy Profile

  9. Haha! This post is so relatable… I’ve got two little monsters but I am so thankful that they are lovely to others. They just like to make their mummy’s life hell which is stressful but cool. I’m secretly glad that I don’t have those really cringey children like some of the mums I’ve seen but then again, mine do have a few more years to go before they evolve into mega-annoying brats.

    I write this as baby girl tip scrambles over to the coffee table to shake the milk out of her bottle to play with…ahh kids! #coolmumclub xxx

  10. YES just bloody YES! I am far to polite to actually say this (except to my closest inner circle who are very familiar with my feeling on children) I love my girls but like yourself I am not afraid to see the devil in them! But other people’s kids are the ones I really struggle with. I just don’t like them that much, and I don’t discriminate, this is a blanket situation! Truth is my friends all nearly fell off their chairs when I announced I was pregnant and it was very planned! That pretty much gives you a little insight It’s the snot, the whinging, the demanding, the saliva! And no I don’t want to sing the wheels on the bus to keep another child happy, I don’t even like doing it for my own. I should probably stop before no mother ever talks to me again!

  11. YES! I couldn’t agree more. I love my kids, they aren’t angels by any stretch but some people’s children, goodness me! I find I dislike most children in soft play areas! Not sure why that is but I see the way some of them act or treat my children and it makes me mad! #coolmumclub
    Collette recently posted…Valentines Day gift ideas (Wish list)My Profile

  12. Ha ha, hilariously honest! You’d LOVE the moni-Gs though, for sure. Unless you happened to have popped over this evening that is, when even I was going to spontaneously combust in their company!
    One day we should so get our #coolmumclub second generation together! Imagine the carnage! xx
    MMT recently posted…#coolmumclub Linky week 55My Profile

  13. Before being a mom, I was never into kids and babies at all. I always disliked them. Then Peachy came along and I love her with every molecule in my body. Now I only like other kids if I see something in them that reminds me of Peachy. The more like Peachy they are, the more I like them. If I don’t see Peachy in them, I don’t like them. Now, I do realize my baby can’t be better than every other baby in the world, or possibly the universe, but she is perfect to me. Sure she’s annoying at times, but she makes up for it in her sweet peach moments. #coolmumclub

  14. This is going to sound awful so I beg for forgiveness now, but is it really bad to say that “I’m not a big fan of kids!” ?! Oh god. I said it. Obviously I love my own to the moon and back again. But other people’s kids? Kind of annoy me! I can tolerate the well behaved ones, in small doses. But the bad behaved ones? Or the clever cocky ones? Forget it. I know this sounds awful but I bet I’m not alone!! 😀 #coolmumclub
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