Top tips for upgrading your phone

Top tips for upgrading our phone

Do you have a mobile phone contract coming to an end? Are you wondering whether it’s worth upgrading? Is £1,000 worth it for the new iPhone? Are you wondering how on earth you will ever managed to move everything over to a new phone? If any of these is you – fret not – because I’ve teamed up with Contact Numbers UK – a directory system of useful telephone numbers that forwards your calls to the people you need to talk to in companies and organisations –  as part of their #PhoneUpgradeTips campaign. Check out my tips for upgrading your phone here:

It’s all in the timing

If you’re looking to negotiate a phone upgrade then timing is key. Try to negotiate an upgrade too far in advance – then nobody will pay attention because you’re still locked in. Try it too late in the day and you’re at a disadvantage as you’re more likely to be desperate. Instead try to negotiate your contract and upgrade around a month before you’re due for an upgrade or your contract comes to an end.

Think about whether it’s really worth it

OK, so we all want a brand spanking new iPhone worth £1000 deep down inside but the reality is…we probably don’t need the latest model. If you’re looking to upgrade try shooting for the models which are not the latest…you’ll get a lot more bang for your buck and they can still really cut the mustard.

Do your homework

You wouldn’t walk into an exam without being prepped would you? In the same way, don’t try to get an upgrade sorted without doing your homework. Do some research on deals and discounts, and what is being offered across the market. Remember knowledge is power!

Don’t be a yes person

You might think you’ve been offered a decent upgrade but have you really? Don’t be pressurized into saying yes to the first upgrade you’re offered until you are truly happy with it and have compared against other possibilities.

Make like a geek

Once you’ve got the upgrade in the bag, then there’s the other part – transferring over all your stuff to your new phone. Oh the pain! Some people actually enjoy this…not me. Thankfully you don’t have to spend an age sweating bullets doing this because there is a wonderful app called Wondershare MobileTrans which can transfer contacts, call logs, media files, and more across mobile operating systems, as well as back up your smartphone data to your computer, should you ever need to restore it. It’s accessible, functional, and supports all major mobile operating systems except (unfortunately) Windows Mobile.

Take a look here:

So if you’re looking to upgrade your phone and need to know who to speak to then as a start here are the numbers you need to know about for EE, Vodafone and Three. Happy upgrading people!

Top tips for upgrading your phone

Are you looking to upgrade your mobile phone? Did you find these tips useful? Do leave a comment and share.

*This post is in collaboration with Contact Numbers UK


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