Top 5 Caribbean island holidays

Caribbean island holidays

It’s that time of year again…when we all start dreaming of some gorgeous warm sun caressing our backs because quite frankly….we have had enough of the British Winter… And being the new year, that means new travel plans! If you could go anywhere this year where would it be? Personally I am drooling over the thought of Caribbean island holidays as I type this.

When you close your eyes and picture the perfect holiday, you may find yourself thinking about the Caribbean – which I certainly do! For me, it’s the idea of the bright blue waters that surround this exotic getaway and the white sandy beaches. But did you know there are many different destinations in this region?  Come and take a little virtual trip with me as we dream about the five best Caribbean island holidays:

St. John

One popular spot to visit in the Caribbean is St. John. Newlyweds especially love this area because it’s home to Honeymoon Beach, which is only about a 5-10 min drive from the popular Westin St. John timeshare resort. Imagine spending hours holding hands as you wander along the shores and splash in the water, and enjoying a snorkelling experience in the water as well – bliss!

Caribbean island holidays

St. John is also home to the Virgin Islands National Park and Reef Bay Trail. The only downside to this destination is that it’s a little too crowded during the busy season, but hey! I would be very happy to have the chance to holiday there wherever, wouldn’t you?


I bet you didn’t know that Cuba consists of over 4,000 islands and cays surrounding the country’s main island? Though you may not think of Cuba as part of the Caribbean – or even an island –  it is a popular hot spot in the region. The best place to stay in Cuba is Havana. Time seems to move a little slower here. You might find the cars your parents and grandparents drove still on the streets. Havana offers some of the most delicious food in the world and has a number of historic sites too. You may find that the locals aren’t as friendly as you expected though.

Caribbean island holidays


If you only ever had the blue liquor named after this city before, now is the perfect time to visit the city for yourself. Sometimes called a paradise for those who love the water, Curacao offers more water sports that you can imagine. While you can go snorkelling and try scuba diving, you may want to try parasailing or rent a jet ski for the day. Curacao is a little busier than other destinations in the Caribbean and can be a little expensive too.

Caribbean island holidays


Located in the heart of the Bahamas, Nassau is easily one of the Caribbean’s top vacation destinations. Many of the cruise ships that pass through the area make day stops here and allow tourists to check out all the sites. Most of the top resorts sit either right on the beach or within walking distance of the water. You can go deep into the water and see shipwrecks up close and plan excursions that let you swim with the dolphins and other animals. Wow!

Caribbean island holidays

St. Martin

Another great place to visit in the Caribbean so I have heard is St. Martin. Maho Beach is not only beautiful but offers the perfect view of the planes and other aircraft flying overhead. At Pic Paradis, you can take photos that will make all your friends back home jealous. You’ll also want to explore Cupecoy Beach, which is more private and secluded than some of the area’s other beaches. Though the Caribbean is home to some expensive destinations, it’s also home to some destinations that are more affordable and have resorts with timeshare resales available for tourists.

Do you dream of Caribbean island holidays? Which of the above would you love to visit? Or perhaps you have already been lucky enough to have holidayed in the Caribbean before? Do share in a comment below. And if you’re looking for more travel inspiration check out this list of the best places to visit in Thailand with a family.



photo credit: Gilles Messian Nassau, Bahamas via photopin (license)

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