What to do if your family pet has fleas

If the members of your family include either a dog or a cat (or both), then you know how much love and joy a pet can bring to a home. You also probably know the amount of frustration that comes along with discovering that your family pet has fleas.

Fleas are some of the trickiest pests to get rid of, whether you find them on your pet, in your yard, or in your house. Unfortunately, if you find them in one of these locations, you are more likely to find them in at least one of the other two as well.

Here are a few things you can do to fix your flea problem if you discover your pet has fleas.

Treating your pet

Finding fleas on your dog or cat is no fun. The incessant itching that the bites of these pests can make your pet miserable. Fleas also can be carriers of certain diseases that can infect not only animals but humans too. If you see a flea on your pet, don’t waste any time in addressing the issue.

Prevention medication

If your cat or dog isn’t already on a flea prevention medication, talk to your vet right away about starting one. There are some medications that you can give a pet that will rid them of any fleas that they might be carrying right away, but the only way from stopping fleas in the first place is preventative medication.

Don’t rely on flea shampoo

You might be tempted to use a flea shampoo on your pet, but veterinarians don’t usually recommend these types of soaps. They can dry out your pet’s skin pretty drastically, and there is always the risk that your dog or cat will ingest some when they are in the bath. Overall, the best course of action to take is to keep pets on regular preventative medication and to check them periodically for fleas or fleabites.

Treating your home

Once you have gotten a handle on any fleas that your dog or cat had in their fur, you should give your house a good going-over to see if the pests have jumped off and made themselves comfortable in your carpets. While you might not be able to see any fleas because of how quickly they can jump away, you should be able to see their eggs.

The good news is that flea eggs aren’t sticky so you should be able to get most of them out of the carpet just by running the vacuum. The bad news is that a single flea can lay up to 50 eggs in a 24 hour period. There are some pest control products that you can purchase to treat your carpets on your own, but in doing so, you face the risk of not using the product correctly. The thing to do if you have a serious flea problem is to reach out to a Riverside pest control to consult with the experts.

Treating yourself

If your pet has fleas and you find yourself with a flea bite, then there are several things you will want to do to ensure that it doesn’t get worse. You should first wash the bite with soap and water and then apply calamine lotion, as this will help relieve the itching pain you are experiencing. It is important to not scratch the bites, as doing so can cause them to become infected.

However, if the bites do get worse, then you should consult your doctor, who might prescribe the right medication to clear up the infection.  

We hope you find the above information useful if your pet has fleas. Here’s to them being clear of the little critters soon!

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