What to do when your ears are clogged with wax

There is nothing worse than when your ears are clogged with wax. I know, I’ve been there! About a year ago, I pretty much lost all my hearing in my right ear. For months, I baffled over what had happened. I had just come out of a heavy cold and my sinuses had been clogged. But was no longer feeling under the weather. So why were my ears still feeling clogged?

When home remedies don’t work

Eventually, after months of trying various home remedies (yup, neither the heated olive oil trick for softening the wax or ear syringing did anything for me), I decided action needed to be taken. I hated the constant feeling you get when your ears are clogged with wax. I was done with feeling clogged up, half deaf and disorientated.

A solution to earwax impaction

When your ears are clogged with wax, clinics like Auris Ear Care offer the perfect solution if you are looking for a service that provides ear wax removal in London. In my case, it turned out that due to having small ear canals, I had earwax impaction – i.e. a build-up of wax that had blocked the ear canal. This was what causing the clogged up sensation that was leaving me constantly asking people to speak into my left ear (the only ear I could hear with!).

Introducing microsuction

Thankfully mobile clinics like Auris Ear Care provide a brilliant service called ‘microsuction’ which vacuums out the wax which uses a finely calibrated suction device combined with a microscope to vacuum out the wax.

Having had this procedure before, I can say that although it does feel a little strange (the most you should feel is a gentle pulling sensation as your ear is being cleaned), it only takes a maximum of twenty minutes. If you have been suffering because your ears are clogged with wax then it’s a small price to pay for the sweet relief of being able to hear again!

ears are clogged

Why choose microsuction?

Unlike ear candling, syringing or irrigation, microsuction ear wax removal has a significantly lower risk of causing damage to your eardrum. This is because the procedure is performed under direct vision and avoids the use of any liquids at high pressure.

The ear canal is a highly sensitive structure measuring approximately 7mm in diameter and 25mm in length. With such a small cavity to work in, microsuction above other methods has proven to be safer, cleaner and better tolerated by patients.

Once the procedure is complete, you will experience immediate relief of their symptoms and most likely an instant improvement in hearing.

Final thoughts

Although our ears are self-cleaning, occasionally this mechanism can fail. When this happens, microsuction can really help. Having experienced microsuction before, I would highly recommend it for anyone whose ears are clogged with wax. I wish I had done it sooner!

Have you ever experienced that disorientating sensation when your ears are clogged with wax? Do share in a comment below.


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  1. I’ve had that same issue with ear wax and not even peroxide would work. That’s cool that they have clinics specifically for that in London. Here in the US I use the ear wax candle you mentioned or ask my doctor to rinse them out for me safely thanks for the read

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