When mum goes away for the weekend…

mum goes away

‘Twas the weekend when mummy was going  away for some me-time and all was quiet in the house…

Yeah right who am I kidding!!?

Mayhem was breaking out because mum was going away for the weekend…shock horror.

As she frantically finished panic packing an hour before her departure (because mums are always the last to pack right!!?) she offered up her three magic wishes to her Prince Charming…I mean, significant other.

1. Pleasure ensure some vegetables are eaten

Yes your highness, your wish is my command. So long as they are accompanied with copious amounts of ice cream and chocolate.

2. Please change all the bedding, as her highness will be otherwise disposed

To which the answer was:


3. Don’t forget about the children’s party you have to get the little one shipped out to

To which eyes popped something like this…

After regaining composure to which the following questions were sheepishly offered:

– whose birthday is it?
– who on earth is that?
– are they even at the same school (yes, in the same class not to mention after school ballet you dingbat!)
– good god do I have to buy a present???!

To which her majesty mummy thought quipped in her head with total disdain…

“Do I look like a raging ignoramous?!!!”

(Yes of course the present had already been taken care of because who else was going to do it…the magic present fairy? Oh no….she was going away for the weekend remember!?).

And then mummy added a final eleventh hour plea…

4. Try not to have the house totally upside down on my return

You can guess what the reply to that was can’t you?

Yup, hole in one…

I guess this shows that gender equality in our house still has some way to go then!

Well, at least I got a weekend away so perhaps I shouldn’t ask for too much then? What an ungrateful mummy I am. Tsk tsk!

And as for the return….well that’s a story for another time….


  1. Oh how I long for a weekend away…I’m completely put off by the mess I would have to deal with when I get back! #coolmumclub

  2. Ha! Love it. The carnage upon return is always horrific in our house, and I don’t even pretend to imagine anything green will have been consumed. As long as they are all still alive at the end of it, I reckon it’s a win!

  3. I hope you at least had a nice weekend away not worrying if the house was on fire! I can’t help but smile and think this happens up and down the country, at least in my household it does! Just means us mummies needs to take more time off and let they “suffer”! #coolmumclub

  4. Haha! Love it and know it too… alpha mummy?! Snorts with laughter. I don’t think I could bring myself to leave the duo unattended for a weekend. Who knows if the house would still be standing on my return. Did you have a good weekend away though? #coolmumclub x

  5. I’ve only just had my first weekend away a few weeks ago, and while I knew Dad would have the child and the house under control, it’s the multitasking super mom brains of our that go a mile a minute trying to make sure everything will be checked off while we’re gone!

  6. This was me all over when I returned on Sunday – good job I was way too hanging to even care about the mess! It has to be done when it’s your besties hen though right?
    One day we shall #coolmumclub weekend together my lovely x

  7. I’ve only had one night away from home since having the kids and I spent the whole time missing them. I have to write LOTS of lists of timings etc for Chris even if I only go out for a couple of hours: too much hassle #coolmumclub

  8. Yea we really need to consider are they even half listening to us when we are about to go out for a day, hour, few mins.

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