5 awesome workouts for mums and kids

workouts for mums and kids

You know what they say….if you can’t beat them, join them! And if you’re struggling to find the time to exercise in this mama life, then how about exercising with the kids (gulp!). I know what you’re thinking…sounds scary!…but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Today I wanted to share with you five awesome workouts for mums and kids brought to you by one of the most inspiring ladies I know – my fellow school mum and friend Pieta who blogs over at By Pieta – for those up for getting fit with their sproglets in tow.

Park Run Workout

You know all those mums running with the buggies – come on, you can do it too!

Playground Workout

Stop looking at that phone whilst pushing that swing and burn some calories mamas!

7 minute HIIT strength booster

Keep burning calories long after the workout is over with this super speedy HIIT:

Bingo Wings Be Gone Workout

Say bye bye to wobbly bingo wings with this hard working workout:

Whip That Waste Into Shape Workout

Time to own that mum tum with this workout:

So there you have it mamas, five awesome workouts you can do with the kids hanging around or off you! There’s no excuses now. Which of these do you think you’ll give a try?

***For more fit and healthy lifestyle inspo head on over to Pieta’s lovely blog ByPieta here.***

workouts for mums and kids


  1. I definitely think working out with your little ones is a fab idea. I have a running pram and we also take Caspian’s scooter so he can scoot and I can run.

  2. Fab post! Feeling inspired and have just signed up to my first spartan race – it’s not until next april but I’m looking forward to training and these videos are a great way to include my daughter too!

  3. Oh gosh,I got tired looking at you! I do run along with the boys and I push my sons wheelchair up hills ,which is great for the bottom! But that’s really my limit. You’ve made me feel a tad guilty and have me now wondering if I should be doing more ; I know the answer !!! . I’m definitely going to try the playground one as we are never out of playgrounds ! Cheers for the ideas , you’re only brilliant !

  4. I am rubbish when it comes to fitting in expertise despite running around after the kids all day. I think I need to target specific areas so will by trying out the bingo wings and the tummy one!

  5. These all look brill and lots of fun. I’ve recently started working out again, would love to include the kids in some of it too.

  6. What a super post! It can be really difficult to get the time to work out with kids about, but these are all super ideas to get them involved too. Love it! 🙂 (I’m a p90x3 girl, me – that half hour is mine, and the kids often join in too)

  7. I love doing short 15 – 20 minute hiit workouts and the boys actually do it with me now they are getting older. It’s great to be able to include the kids and promotes healthy living from an early age.

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