5 reasons to love UK city breaks with children

UK city breaks with children

I remember rolling my eyes when my Dad used to laugh in my face at my notion of travelling the world with the sproglet tagging along. And after some painful trial and error of my own (see more on my thoughts about holidaying with children here), I now understand his love of packing up the car and heading off to somewhere in the UK  and I have since cultivated my love of UK city breaks with children…..and here is why:

They are easier

God help me…airports are enough to suck the life force out of anyone. Add kids in the mix and you’re on the way to a cardiac. Door to door to a city in the country in which you reside…well just so much easier, less stressful and therefore more enjoyable!

They are cheaper

I don’t know about you but I’m always looking for ways to save money on holidays. Once you have removed flights from the costly holiday equation, there are some amazing deals for UK city breaks to be had out there. A good place to start is by sifting through Hotels.com UK deals.

They are closer

How far you want to go is up to you. You might feel like an hour jaunt, a couple of hours by train or three hours by car. Either way, they will also be far closer and therefore easier than jumping on a plane…and therefore far less stressful for you…the parent. Hurrah!

Your expectations are better managed

Jump on a plane for a city break….you expect the world. Jump in the car or on a train for a city break…your expectations are far more realistic. And yes, we know having too high expectations as a parent is a big no no..and the same goes for holidays too!

We have some amazing child friendly cities to explore in the UK

The grass is not always greener on the other side. OK so we may not have oodles of sun but we have some amazing child friendly cities to explore like Bath, York, Manchester, London, Liverpool, Chester and Glasgow. And other than that, apparently there has never been a better time to holiday in the UK -woop woop!

So have you been on a UK city break with your children? Are you a fan? What other places would you recommend for a UK city break? Do leave a comment and share.

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  1. Oh my goodness yes I 100% agree – uk city breaks with kids are fabulous! As we can’t really afford to go anywhere too glamorous or tropical, we often go on small city breaks around Britain instead – London, Dublin, York, Edinburgh…we’ve done them all and loved each trip equally (though London may slightly win as we did go to see The Lion King!) Honestly I can’t recommend them enough – there’s always an incredible range of hotels, and a vast array of activities and family trips to choose from! We’re actually just about to jet off to Birmingham in a couple of weeks as we have some family there (plus they have Cadbury’s World so I’m sold!) We’re staying in the Park Regis hotel as it’s meant to be excellent for families. Has anyone stayed here? I’m just so excited – I absolutely love going away with my family on these kinds of trips. Does anyone have any other tips of what to do when we’re there? I haven’t been in years and I know there’s lots that’s changed, so any tips would be fabulous!

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