12 tips to make a child’s bedtime easier

child's bedtime easier

There are two parts of the day which are usually the hardest for parents when we can often be found banging our heads against the wall – the mornings and the bedtimes. Of course there are plenty of challenges wedged in between, but these are the pressure points that make can test your patience wayyyy beyond its limits. Today in this post we’re going to focus on bedtimes and how we can make  your child’s bedtime easier. If you’re often found chasing a sproglet around the house who seems more concerned with testing out their bed as a tramponline, trying to convince them that YES IT IS BEDTIME as most of us have done at some point or another, then I’ve rallied together fellow parenting bloggers to share their tips to make a child’s bedtime easier:

Ditch the screen time

We avoid any screen time for an hour leading up to bedtime. We spend that hour winding down by reading or drawing – nothing too stimulating. – Miracle Max  

Routine is king

We are an autism household so routine is king anyway. Both mine have had the same one since they were 6 months old. Bath, into darkened room for songs and stories and then sleep. I can count the number of times that they have stayed up past their bedtime on one hand (weddings, holidays and the like). They also have Gro-clocks and nightlights that go on at exactly the same time. We even use the same words and phrases to say goodnight. I think these elements mean they know exactly what to expect and are comforted by bedtime – rather than wanting to avoid it, they look forward to it most of the time! – Someone’s Mum 

Use music

Music can be really soothing at bedtime for children so long as it is relaxing, and this is something we have done with my daughter from an early age. There are some really great compilations out there, and one of our favourites is a lovely combination of super relaxing lullabies called The Rainbow Collections by Sophie Barker. It really is so wonderfully dreamy that you could’t fail to feel relaxed and sleep-ready listening to it! – Motherhood: The Real Deal

Give a little leeway – but not too much

I find a routine works well as my daughter knows what to expect and what will come next. However, I do offer her options within the routine like bath or shower? Which book? So that she has some control too. Our bedtimes are now quite a lovely part of the day. – Mummy In A Tutu  

Invest in a night light

We have a really cute night light which dims over time. It’s a Lumie Bedbug light and really helps my daughter to settle. Since getting this it has helped her to stay in her room and settle more easily at bedtime. – The Inspiration Edit  

Focus on the positives

We used to have a lot of problems with both mine, as they are really anxious kids, and it all seems to come out at bedtime! So we make bedtimes more positive, and we both think of one thing that we loved about the day right before they go to sleep. Then we think of three generally positive things to think about while they sleep; like holidays, sunshine, and our cats! Simple, but it really helped them both. – Kiddy Charts 

Get the room set up right

We make sure our daughter goes to bed in a tidy room, so she’s less distracted and we also invested in blackout curtains because the seasonal light changes used to throw her out of sync and she struggled to sleep. – Life Unexpected  

Stock up on the books

Both of my children love to read, and bedtime is when they do this. I always keep them supplied with lots of interesting books (our local charity shop is great for this) and then they actively look forward to bedtime instead of it being when the fun stops! – Riding Boots for Boo  

It’s in the threads

Teaching your child to dress and undress themselves from an early age takes one less stress of wrestling them into their pjs! – Five Little Doves  

Make a “Monster Spray”

Once our son moved into his big bed he started to get scared of monsters so we made a monster spray. It’s just lavender essential oil in water, it relaxed him and scared off the monsters, used in his bed time routine after his story really helped him feel safe. – Ready Freddie Go

Try a meditation

OK, so I know the thought of getting your children to meditate before bedtime can be really daunting, so instead, try reading a meditation to them instead! There is a lovely book called Meditations In My Heart – by Gitte Winter Graugaar – which is a collection of meditations designed to help children drift off to sleep within minutes. It’s a collection of four meditations for parents to read to their children at bedtimes which teaches the importance of self-esteem and self-love, enabling them to drift off into calming, reparative sleep, their hearts full with love. What could be more dreamy than that? – Motherhood: The Real Deal 

And if all else fails….bribe!

I’ve recently started bribing my 5 year old with 10p to stop arsing around at bed time and just go to sleep. It works a tread – she’s amazed when she gets a coin in the morning. – Everything Mummy 

Do you struggle with getting your children to go to bed? Do you have any additional tips to add to those above? Do leave a comment and share.

12 tips to make a child's bedtime easier

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  1. We found a good night light and a duvet/bedding she really loves helps. Also we bought a ‘fairy door’ and the fairy only comes out at night, to watch over her – in addition to a family photo she can look at to remind her not to be lonely!

  2. These are some really good tips Talya! I think having a routine is definitely a great piece of advice. Also setting the right ambiance is key too as you mentioned. xx

  3. I used to sleep so well when I had a routine but then as soon as I was able to start staying up a bit later and didn’t have as strict a routine I know I wasn’t as good. It’s even the same now as an adult x

  4. I am lucky that my little two go to sleep on an evening no problem and are in bed asleep by 7. I think that routine is key as mine have been in the same routine since birth, I also think that screen free time before bed is good too. If my 4-year-old daughter goes on her tablet too much she takes longer to fall asleep and is so unsettled x

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